Rescue Dog From South Carolina Holds New Owner’s Hand “The Whole Way Home”

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A video of a South Carolina rescue dog going to his new furever home is melting hearts around the world!

Abigail Arellano, a Pet Care Clinic Vet Tech from Oconee Humane Society, shared the video of her new rescue dog on Tiktok over the weekend, which has now garnered almost 7 million views and 1.3 million likes.

What captured everyone’s heart is the way the rescue dog held Arellano’s hand in the video. “I adopted this dog and he held my hand the whole way home,” Arellano wrote.

On Facebook, Oconee Humane Society shared the story of the rescue dog, Loki and their very own Pet Care Clinic Vet Tech, Arellano.

According to the shelter, Loki got very sick and had to be treated at the shelter’s new Pet Care Clinic. Arellano then started taking care of Loki and even medically fostered him while recovering.

“He [Loki] integrated well into the family and her [Arellano’s] young son fell in love with the pup too. When Loki was well enough to return to the adoption center, Abby just couldn’t let him go,” wrote the shelter.

In a video update, Arellano also shared that her husband agreed to foster Loki but warned her not to get too attached to the pooch, which Arellano replied to with “yeah of course not!”

But when it was time to return the sweet pooch to the vet, both Arellano and Loki were very upset. So, Arellano pleaded to her husband one last time to keep the dog, and thankfully, he agreed.


Replying to @dietrat801 #greenscreen update on Loki!! Hes settling in great and happy to have a home. We repeated some bloodwork and are waiting on those results to make sure everything will be good. Let me know if anyone wants updates on him or the shelter pets!! #shelterdogs #rescuedog #update #adoptdontshop #vettechtok #shelter #dogsoftiktok #love #pitbullsoftiktok

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And thanks to Loki’s viral video, Arellano is also using the opportunity to highlight all the amazing work Dr. Paul Black is doing for all the animals, including Loki, at the Oconee Humane Society.

She called him a “true MVP” for volunteering and doing surgeries on the shelter’s animal. “He does not get paid a dime [and] he does it completely on his own time,” said Arellano.

Currently, Loki is responding to treatment and is doing well with his new furever family.

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