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Rescue Terrier Crowned ‘World’s Smallest Working Dog’

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Sometimes, the biggest things surprisingly come in small packages.

The Guinness Book of World Records now has a new champ for being the world’s smallest dog: Lucy, a small Yorkshire Terrier who is just 5.7 inch (14.5 cm) tall, weighs 2.5 pounds (1.13 kg) and lives in New Jersey. This surpasses the previous record of a Japanese search and rescue dog, who weighs 6 pounds.

This 3-year-old terrier is owned by Sally Leone Montufar, the shop owner of Paw Dazzle pet boutique located in Smithville. There was a lady who brought in several dogs with her, and Sally got curious about the lady’s Juicy Couture bag, as there was a bit of a noise going on there. Sally investigated, and out came this tiny “peanut” of a dog, who seemed so cute, but quite pitiful and run down, that her heart went out to her. Indeed, Lucy was supposed to end up in a pound, but she decided to keep Lucy in her shop and take care of her.

At present, Lucy works for the Leashes of Love program as a dog therapist. Among the activities she does as part of her duties include paying visits to various hospitals, rehabilitation centers, as well as nursing homes. She even gives therapy to the elderly, the disabled and traumatized children, and also to troubled teenagers.

According to her owner and those around her whom she works with, Lucy ‘brings joy everywhere’ in the form of her cuteness and charm. From being a homeless dog to being a Guinness awardee, Lucy has taken what we may call ‘one small step for a dog yet one giant leap for the whole canine race’. Because even with her miniature looks, she packs huge charm points and uses them in helping out citizens who are in despair. She might be like a ‘Florence Nightingale’ of dog therapy, and she works without hesitation, bringing about a big difference to the world in her own small way.

Right now, she is an icon for all working dogs and their owners, especially therapy dogs, and we do hope many more of them follow Lucy’s good example and many more pet lovers decide to adopt such canines regardless of size and have them help out in the community like humans do.

It is amazing how sometimes one dog can inspire many others to do the same thing. Lucy, after receiving the award, is sure to get awesome bonuses on her job at Leashes of Love. And this, in turn, should also help her get inspiration to reach out to more patients who need affection and guidance.

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