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Rescued From a Burn Pit, Soldier Fights to Bring Dog Home With Him

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May is National Military Appreciation Month, making it a great time to do something for those who help protect the nation. There’s one soldier stationed in Afghanistan who is looking for some help this month, as he strives to bring Mimi, his beloved dog, home to the U.S. with him.


Although it may sound like an easy task, it’s actually a challenge that one hero can only accomplish through the help of others. Paws of War is leading the fight to help U.S. Army Spec. Zachery McEntire be able to bring the dog that he saved back home with him.

While serving in Afghanistan, Zack climbed into a garbage burn pit that was filled with used medical supplies in order to save a young puppy. The two immediately bonded and Mimi became the brightest part of his day and the most comforting part of his night.

Image via Paws of War

Zack recounted his story to Paws of War. “We found Mimi out side our gate looking for food in a trash/burn pit which is about 50′ deep and full of old needles and hazardous materials like old blood and used medical stuff. I climbed into the pit to help her out and fell in love with the little pup, so I brought her inside the camp and gave her a bath and food. After that day, she was with me everywhere; If I can’t get help to get her home she will be kicked out of the camp and left to fend for herself or a team of veterinarians to put her down.”

Where so much suffering occurs daily, this little puppy was a small ray of sunshine. Zack is in one of the most dangerous places in the world right now. He is scheduled to be leaving soon, but he doesn’t want to leave without Mimi. We owe it to this American hero and his ever faithful Mimi, to bring her to the United States where she can live with Zack and his family in their home, safe in the heart of Texas.

“Mimi is very special to Zack, and we will do everything we can to help keep them together,” explains Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “However, bringing a dog from Afghanistan back to the United States is challenging and costly. We can’t do it without the help of the public.”

Image via Paws of War

The process is complicated and the cost to bring Mimi back home with Zack is around $6,000, which covers quarantine, necessary veterinary care, paperwork, and transport charges. The dog is expected to land at JFK airport in June 2018. For one person it is a hefty sum, but for many people who chip in a little bit each, it’s easy to meet that expense and bring the dog to the U.S. The story of how they met is one that further strengthens the bonds between the two.

“I know that I saved Mimi from that burn pit, but in a way I feel like she saved me,” explains Zachery McEntire. “I can’t imagine leaving her behind. We belong together and it means a lot to me to be able to take her home to Texas with me.”

Paws of War has teamed up with the group Nowzad Dogs in Afghanistan to assist with the complex task of getting Mimi to the U.S. Those who would like to donate to help keep Mimi and Zack together can do so online:

“We are committed to helping our soldiers with situations like this as we know how much it means to them,” says Dori Scofield, co-founder of Paws of War. “But we can’t do it without the assistance of the public. This is a great way to give back to those who give us so much.”

Paws of War is an all volunteer organization that provides assistance to military members and their pets, and provides service and service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD. To learn more about Paws of War or make a donation to support their efforts, visit their site at:

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