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SC Woman Left 2 Dogs in Her Hot Car While She Worked All Day

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A Spartanburg County, South Carolina woman is being charged with two counts of “ill treatment of animals” after leaving her two dogs, a Chihuahua and a Shih Tzu mix, in her car while she went to work for the day.

When Eddie Wilson, an employee at the BMW manufacturing plant in Spartanburg County, went to work on Tuesday morning, she brought her dogs with her. But, instead of bringing the dogs inside or leaving them with a sitter, she kept the pair inside her Lincoln Town Car while she went into the plant.

While she left the passenger side window all the way down, and the other three windows partially open, and left water for the dogs, by the time officers arrived, the water was completely gone and temperatures inside the car ranged from 108 to 118 degrees.

Eddie Wilson Is Charged With Two Counts Of Ill Treatment Of Animals After Leaving Her Dogs In The Car While She Went To Work.
Eddie Wilson is charged with two counts of ill treatment of animals after leaving her dogs in the car while she went to work.

According to WYFF News4, when officers arrived both dogs were panting heavily. One was covered in saliva and was showing signs of distress.

Officers placed both dogs in the air conditioned animal control truck and provided water until the dogs recovered.

Wilson was charged and is being held at the Spartanburg County Detention Center until a bond hearing is held.

Both dogs remain in the custody of Greenville County Animal Care.

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  1. Avatar Of Ruth



    Unless there is doggie daycare at your work, leave them at home. Dogs and kids do not belong at a place of business, unless you owe the business or it is dog friendly.

    I work in a office and I would never think to bring my dogs to work with me. For one thing, I would want to play and pet them all day, and not get any of my work done.

  2. Avatar Of Jeri



    So, worst case scenario – animal control won’t give the dogs back to her. What are the chances that they will be adopted, v/s euthanized? We would like to hope that the woman has “learned her lesson” and such a thing would never happen again. Pups lose, all the way around……..

    • Avatar Of Debbi



      this woman is so ignorant! how would she like to be treated llike that. if she treats them like this and takes them out what the heck goes on at her home?
      why couldn’t she leave them home with the air or the fan on? come on, give me a break. she isn’t a dog lover. take them away and get them adopted. she dont deserve a dog–much less 2.

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