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Selecting a Purebred Breeder

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How does someone go about selecting a purebred dog breeder who fulfills their desires and requirements? It is very easy to be led astray by all the advertising, word of mouth, and other forms of advertisement these breeders put out. Nothing wrong with checking out a breeder from these ways of getting the word out that they have purebred puppies for sale, but as with any business you do not always get what you pay for. So, let’s take a look at some points to use for selecting a purebred dog breeder you can feel comfortable buying a puppy from.

When selecting a purebred dog breeder, have a list of question you want answered. Be prepared for one of two things to happen—the breeder will either answer in general terms and be evasive about specifics concerning his dogs or he will be very forthright. A breeder of purebred dogs from great bloodlines is going to ask you more questions than you have for him. He is going to want to feel comfortable with your knowledge of dogs in general and more specifically about the breed of dog he has.

He will want to know about what size of area the pup is going to have for play and exercise, if you have children and how old they are, and several other questions. He is not trying to be nosy with these questions. Top notch breeders love the dogs they offer for sale and need to be assured they pups are going to a good home and will be treated correctly. If a breeder doesn’t ask you these questions, it could be that he is just out to make a sale and couldn’t care less what environment the pup is going to, so stay away from this individual.

Gather information about the breeder by asking him for references. High level breeders offering healthy, purebred pups will be happy to provide as many references as you like. Then check with these people to see if their purchase has lived up to what they expected.

While at the breeders pay close attention to how the parent dogs act around you and your family. Much can be gleaned by their behavior. Are they friendly, well groomed and obviously healthy dogs? If the parent dogs are less than you like and show any aggression then move on to another breeder as these traits will probably be passed down to the pups.

Selecting a purebred dog breeder involves a lot more than showing up and grabbing the first puppy you see. If you do your homework you will end up with the perfect dog for your family.

How do you select a puppy? Please share your tips and advice with our readers.

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