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Senior Poodle Found Clinging to Life with Mouth Duct Taped Shut, Hog-Tied in Plastic Bag

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An Orlando dog rescue is working around the clock to save a senior Poodle found barely clinging to life after suffering unimaginable cruelty at the hands of a still-unknown abuser.

A good Samaritan happened to be driving behind an Orlando, Florida shopping plaza when something caught her eye. At first, she thought she was looking at a stuffed animal sticking out of a plastic bag on the ground, but was horrified to discover it was a Poodle, barely clinging to life. The dog was hogtied with tape wrapped around her paws, legs, and neck. Her mouth was duct-taped shut, and her face was covered in mats and dirt that left her unable to open her eyes. The animal lover called police and immediately began working to cut the dog free. Police took the dog to Orange County Animal Services who contacted a local Poodle rescue for help.

“This dog was so weak and nearly dead, left on the hot pavement in the blazing sun taped up…she was found just in time. She wouldn’t have survived long in this condition,” Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida said. “No one knew if she would make it.”

A volunteer from Poodle and Pooch Rescue picked the dog, which rescuers have named ‘Petal’, to an animal hospital to begin the long process of trying to save her life.

Petal was severely dehydrated, malnourished, emaciated, anemic (a result of starvation and flea infestation). She has cataracts in both eyes, and both eyes are very much infected. She was immediately given IV fluids, pain medication, IV antibiotics, liquid iron, and eye drops.

“Petal is quite the little fighter and we’ll do everything we can to help her heal. A human tortured her and we want to show her that not all humans are bad,” the rescue said.

While the act of duct-taping her mouth and hog-tying her were torturous, it’s evident that the senior dog faced unimaginable neglect and cruelty for a very long time. Still, despite all she’s been through, rescuers say she’s a very sweet, gentle girl.

Now, as rescuers and veterinarians work around the clock to save her life, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Services, and Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida are hoping someone will step forward with information about who committed the horrific abuse.

Anyone with information about Petal’s previous owner or the person(s) that dumped her behind the shopping plaza are urged to contact the Central Florida Crimeline at 800-423-8477 or email [email protected].

A $2500 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.

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1 Comment

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    This is so horrible; the person who did it should be forced to pay for all the care Petal needs & also spend a few years in jail.

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