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Service Dog Poses for 7th Grade Yearbook Photo

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Good Hope Middle School
Good Hope Middle School

Seph Ware, a 7th grader at Good Hope Middle School in Louisiana, has a type of muscular dystrophy that causes his muscles to become progressively weaker. His service dog, Presley, is always by his side, ready to help in any way she can, whether it’s picking up a dropped pencil or binder, helping to open doors, or providing both physical and emotional support.

“She helps him with his daily activities,” Seph’s father, Joseph Ware Jr., told TODAY. Presley joined the family a little over three years ago and rarely leaves his son’s side. “The dog has been a real blessing. The dog has been great for Seph in every single way.”

So, naturally, when it came time for Seph’s 7th grade class to pose for their yearbook photos, including Presley was a no-brainer!

Good Hope Middle School
Good Hope Middle School

“She’s part of our school. And if we’re going to put every body in our school in the yearbook, then Presley needs to be in the yearbook,” said Sonya Hogg, the school’s yearbook adviser.

Photographing Presley proved to be a little trickier than photographing a student, however.

“When we would walk up to her to try to straighten her or turn her the right way, she would sit down and roll over on her back because she wanted us to rub her tummy,” Hogg said.

Eventually, the photographer allowed Presley to hold her leash in her mouth, something she’s used to doing so that Seph doesn’t have to bend down to pick it up. With the leash in her mouth, Presley knew it was time to be serious and sit still for her photo.

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