Shelter Dog Escapes Kennel, Tries To Free His Canine Pals, And Enjoys A Late-Night Snack

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A shelter dog has had a busy night at a shelter in Tempe, Arizona after escaping his kennel, trying to free his canine pals, and before enjoying a late-night snack all on his own.

On November 16, 2023, King, a Siberian Husky from the Lost Our Home Pet Rescue animal shelter, had a very eventful night!

Jodi Polanski, the founder and CEO of Lost Our Home Pet Rescue, tells USA Today that King was brought into the shelter for a few hours before his escape and ‘unauthorized party’.

The animal shelter posted clips from their security camera of what King did that night on Facebook. According to the shelter, King “unlocks several doors and proceeds to throw himself a late-night party.”

In the security footage, King is seen unlocking a door and entering the shelter’s office. Once in the office, you can see him grabbing the plastic containers with the food on top of the shelves.

He then proceeds to open and tear apart the plastic bag to get his midnight snack.

However, King’s late-night party was interrupted after the shelter’s alarm went off, alerting the Tempe Police Department.

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue reveals that the police has 24/7 access to the shelter so they can drop off pets in need any time of the day.

The officer then proceeded to put the food thief and escape artist back to his kennel and picked up after King.

“The Tempe Police Department is called to the scene for what can only be described as the cutest arrest ever!” the animal shelter wrote on Facebook.

Furthermore, in the video posted by the shelter, the voiceover on the video said, “Not only did this officer handled the situation like a pro, but he even cleaned the mess! He did not have to do that.”

Polanski revealed that the footage was made for a fundraiser the shelter hosts every December called “Sit, Stay, Brunch,”. The money made from the fundraiser is then used for the shelter for the upcoming year.

The shelter also reveals that King has been adopted ever since his night escapade. Someone on Facebook wrote, “Wouldn’t that be cute if the officer adopted the husky?!” Which the shelter replied with, “That would have been cute but the good news is that he was adopted already.”

If you’re looking to adopt, Lost Our Home Pet Rescue currently has dogs and cats up for adoption on their website.

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