‘Show Me Your Bad Dog’: Dog Owners Expose Their Naughty Pets Through TikTok Trend

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Move out of the way good boys and girls! Naughty dogs are the star of a new TikTok trend called ‘Show Me Your Bad Dog’ where owners expose their pets for their hilarious yet bad behaviors.

The trend started when a Tiktok User, Michael Foote, who is also a writer and lawyer, posted a video saying, “Show me your bad dog. I don’t wanna see any of these, like, good boys and good girls sitting for a cookie.”

He continues while giving examples of bad dogs, “I want the one who sits on the 50th try. I want the dog that stole your underwear. I want the dog that bit your ankle. I want the dog that won’t let you in the bed.”

Dog owners found Michael’s video and used the audio to deliver him results – and they did not disappoint!

One video that is on top of Michael’s sound, and has over 3 million likes, is from TikTok user @bigfatstupidrat. The video shows the user’s dog, a Bull Terrier, gripping a kitchen cabinet with his feet, while trying to eat a bowl of food.

Another bad dog that definitely delivered is TikTok user @leidengualdron’s dog who was caught holding a knife in his mouth.

Users were quick to defend the “bad dog” in question saying, “he is a GOOD BOY HE’S JUST DEFENDING HIMSELF”. And another one quipping, “He has HAD IT”.

And just when you think the bad dogs couldn’t get any more bad, user @lisamichelle84 shows us a video of her ‘friends’ giving her a little help while she “surfed the concrete”.

A Tiktok user asked Lisa Michelle if she was okay after the incident, in which she replies with, “I will never get over the embarrassment.”

Oh, and speaking of a dog “that won’t let you in your bed”, TikTok user @a.riiix had the most perfect candidate when she posted a video of her dog, dubbed as Bruno the Destroyer, boring a literal hole in her bed.

Forget about the bad dog that bit your ankle. We have this fella dragging his owner down the stairs! Like, what’s happening here?

And we’re not forgetting this very bad Goldie who shredded his owner’s very expensive trampoline, just because he can!


Some dog owners were sympathizing with user @bayhapartyof6 and sharing their “bad dog” experiences. One user shared, “If it makes you feel better, I had a dog that peeled back the siding of my mobile home like a sardine can…”

While another wrote, “My dog ate both of my couches while I was napping literally in the same room, and tore out the ceiling of my car on a road trip when I went inside for drinks”.

Dog owners and lovers alike found the trend hilarious. One user said, “I love when they’re so far into being bad that we just start recording and don’t even bother stopping them lol”

And another one wrote, “The algorithm showing me all the bad dogs after seeing the original is GOLD 😂”

Thanks to this TikTok trend, you can now indulge yourself with more bad dogs here.

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