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Small Dog Travel Tips and Guide

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Dog owners like to travel just like people who do not have a dog. So for those with a small doggy, these small dog travel tips and guide should help ensure your travels with doggy in tow go smoothly and hassle free.

Small Dog Travel Tips and Guide

Before leaving your home there are a few things you will need to for your dog. A “must” is his or her documentation papers showing they are up to date on all their shots and not carrying any transmutable disease other animals might contract. This is mandatory for most international travel, and a good idea for travel across state lines. You wouldn’t want a sick doggy quarantined when it’s time to return, because you couldn’t prove it had its vaccinations.

Our small dog travel tips and guide encourage dog owners use a travel cage and allow your dog to become familiar with the cage a few days before your time to travel arrives. Dogs often get car sick so avoid feeding your pet before leaving for the trip. The occasional favorite treat is ok once you are on the open road. Place the dogs favorite toys and blankets in the travel cage so they have something familiar to aid in comforting them if they are the nervous type during travel.

One of the often over looked small dog travel tips is calling ahead to find out if the motels you are staying in allow pets. Luckily, many motels and hotels are becoming more pet friendly and providing great services for guests traveling with dogs. When making out your list of dog items needed for your trip do not forget to take an extra collar and leash in case these become lost or broken.

When your travel involves flying always call the airline to inquire about any restrictions, special needs, etc., your dog must have before being permitted on the plane.

For travel by car remember these small dog travel tips concerning safety. Never leave your pooch in an unattended hot car. Have plenty of fresh water on hand, if your destination is cold weather related take along the proper doggy clothing to keep the dog warm while outside for walks and play. Your dog will become bored during long drives so plan on stopping to stretching, doing their business, and dinners. Never try to feed your dog his or her dinner in the car is moving. This is not only dangerous for you as your attention is not on the road, your dog is also more likely to become sick and vomit up their dinner because they are not accustomed to eating in a moving vehicle.

Do you travel with your dog? Advice and comments are welcome below.

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  1. Some great tips and advice. It’s our first year with a dog (Molly) she’s a Pug, and our first holiday as a family, so thanks for a great guide

  2. Avatar Of Bitteem Bitteem says:

    Whenever I travel with my dog… I check ahead of our trp the place we are going to. Some places do not allow pets. And I also bring with us his favorite toy I got from biteem to reduce the stress of not being home.

  3. Also, if flying with your small dog, be sure to check the size requirements for your pet carrier. The space for your dog is different in different airlines and possibly even different planes within the same airline.

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