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(Sometimes) Funny Dog Body Language

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Have you wondered about all the different expressions and contortions your dog goes through as a form of communication? Since Barney cannot verbally speak to us in a human language, your dog’s body language is how he is communicating with you along with his barks. Those people who have owned dogs for many years are aware of how a dog uses the different movements of his body as a form of telling you what he wants. In this article we will cover just what your dog’s body language is saying to you and others.

Dogs communicate with other dogs and humans through barking as what many people assume is their only form of communication. But your dog’s body language is actually a more expressive form of communication. Ever wonder why a dog meeting another dog rarely barks? It is because there is no need as the dogs are reading the body language of each other, and communicating their feelings and intentions this way. The good news is we humans can learn to understand our dogs body language and understand what they are saying to us. Once we understand these complicated yet subtle signals we are fair better equipped to understand, and in turn communicate with the dog.

The socialization of your puppy is very important for the pup to develop and not be afraid to express how they are feeling through their body language. This socialization training needs to start when the pup is eight weeks old and continue to sixteen weeks of age. The pup should be allowed to play with other puppies of this age group and meet people other than your family members.

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