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Soothing Your Teething Puppy

Around the age of 12 weeks, puppies start to lose their baby teeth. During this point in time, their gums may likely become red, swollen, and irritated. You will notice these little pooches will find ways to relieve their teething discomfort by chewing on absolutely everything in sight. If you do not look for a remedy, your furniture, shoes, and even your walls might take the brunt!

The key to helping your pooch get through this chewing phase is to give proper soothing distractions for his teething problem.

Common Relief Options

1. Chew Toys. Giving your pet one or two chew toys at a time will help a lot in minimizing the teething discomfort he’s going through. However, do not give your pup too many toys at once as it can train him to chew on whatever is at hand. Look for toys in pet supply stores that are made of hard rubber material and can be filled with dog biscuit or peanut butter. This way, your pup can be encouraged to focus on the toy instead of the other items around the house.

2. Cold Chews. You may also opt for commercial toys for dogs that are designed to be frozen. The coldness can greatly help in soothing the aching gums and teeth of your pup. You can make your homemade frozen chew by simply twisting a wet rag into a stick-like shape and then freezing it.

3. Ice Cubes. Fortunately, some pooches have no problem chewing on ice cubes to relieve their teething discomfort. Now, if your pet does not appear to be interested in chewing on plain ice cubes, try freezing beef or chicken broth as a substitute.  You may also try dropping a few ice cubes in his food bowl when he is experiencing intense chewing needs.

4. Herbs. Herbal plants such as chamomile and lavender have soothing properties that could significantly help calm your pup during tough teething periods. Make a tea out from these herbs. Let it cool and then pour some over your pet’s dry food. You may also try injecting the tea into his mouth using a syringe. Freezing the tea into ice cubes and then allowing your pooch to chew on them is also recommended.


When your furry little pet is teething, it is advisable that you do your part to lessen the tempting chewing opportunities at home. Keep your floor picked up and make sure that your shoes are set aside in the bedroom or closet. Move those things set in your pup’s eye level to higher ground. As much as possible, confine your pooch to a puppy-proofed room in the house when you need to leave the house for a long period of time. Don’t worry and be patient, your dog will eventually grow out of this crazy phase!

Do you have any lifesaving teething tips? How did you cope with a teething puppy? Share with our readers below!




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