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Stray Dogs In Istanbul Go Viral For Lying On A Display Bed Inside A Store

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Stray dogs in Istanbul are going viral after they are found lying on a display bed and looking very much at home inside a store.

The now-viral video shows three stray dogs inside the store. One is seen already cuddled up in the sheets and pillows, while another joins it to comfortable lie on the sheets.

Meanwhile, a third dog can be seen roaming around and checking out the store.


İstanbul’da yatak ve yatak ürünleri satan bir mağazada başıboş sokak köpekleri ürünlerin üzerinde yatarken görüntülendi. #istanbul #köpek #haberler

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A store worker sees the dogs on the bed and tries to take something away from one of them. However, the naughty dog didn’t want to let go of whatever he had and appeared to snap at the store worker.

After several failed attempts, the store worker walks away. And the naughty dog was seen chewing on a pair of slippers.

TikTok users couldn’t help but comment about the whole situation. One user wrote, “I love how Istanbul treats their homeless animals.”

While another wrote, “Any store that were kind enough to allow the dogs on their promo furniture like this would have me coming back to buy just to keep supporting THAT store.”

Users also took note the bed’s “top tier” comfort with one saying, “Animals know extraordinary comfort and they got incredible taste, this shows that the bed is top tier, absolutely love it!”

Furthermore, users also noticed the dogs’ ear tags. Someone then explained the story behind these tags saying, “The stray dogs in Turkey are tagged so authorities know they have been neutered, vaccinated, treated for parasites & fleas that’s why they are okay with them.”

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