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Summer Safety For Your Pooch

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After a long cold winter it is not just humans who want to get out and enjoy warmer weather. Our dogs have the same yearning for romping in the sun, so summer safety for your dog must be at the fore-front of your activities together. In this article we will take a look at three important things you can do to help ensure the summer safety for your dog so your pooch has a fun and safe summer of fun.

Most people have heard of the “dog days of summer”. This old saying refers to those very hot humid months when your dog pretty much lies around not doing much because of the heat. Heck, humans often feel the same way during this hot time of the year. Fresh water and plenty of it is our first tip for keeping your dog safe when the heat is on. Dogs shed excess body heat through their mouth. When your dog is inactive and panting this is an indication he is very hot so assure he has a good supply of fresh cool water to drink.

On the subject of water most dogs love to swim so if you have a pool consider installing a water alarm in your home so you know when Rover decides to take a dip in the pool. He will wear a collar that immediately sense his dip in the pool, and set off a warning inside the home. Most dogs can swim fine but many end up drowning because they fail to locate the steps leading out of the pool.

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