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Tainted Dog Treats Tossed into Backyard in Chicago Suburb

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Police are investigating a report of dog treats stuffed with some type of foreign substance or poison after they were tossed into the backyard of a northeast Chicago suburban home and eaten by a senior, disabled dog.

Schaumburg Police told NBC5 that the tainted dog treats were found in a dog owner’s backyard on Monday, after they noticed their dog eating something that they had not given, and discovered several of the treats strewn about the yard.

The treats are sausage-style, or “Snausages” dog treats that have been torn open and an unknown foreign substance, presumably rat poison, stuffed into the centers.

The family immediately took their dog to Arlington Heights Animal Hospital where he was treated for intestinal discomfort.

While police believe the incident was isolated as no other reports of tainted treats have been filed, they “urge pet owners to observe their dogs during walks or while playing in their yard to prevent that from eating something found on the ground.”

Meanwhile, the animal hospital took to Facebook to warn other pet parents, posting a photo of the tainted treats along with this warning:

IMPORTANT ALERT! Someone in Schaumburg is putting some kind of poisonous substance in dog treats and leaving them around for unsuspecting pets. One of our patients has been exposed. Please be alert while walking your dogs. This happened on Stevens Dr. in Schaumburg, near Schaumburg and Meacham Roads.

It is still uncertain if the dog will recover from the poisoning.

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