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Teen and Service Dog Graduated High School in Matching Caps & Gowns

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An Arkansas teen graduated high school with a very special friend by his side in a matching cap and gown – his service dog, Sinatra!

Service Dog Graduated High School

Tyler McCready, now a Rose Bud High School graduate with big dreams of attending college in Florida, walked the field last week with is diabetic alert dog, Sinatra, at his hip.

Attending class with Tyler every day since the 10th grade, Jerry McCready, Tyler’s dad, says the life-saving alert dog has certainly earned his diploma, too.

Tyler was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 2012 when the teen began feeling incredibly thirsty and drinking unusually large volumes of water. His aunt, a nurse, recognized the symptoms and encouraged the family to have things checked out.

Tyler’s blood sugar was shockingly high, so high that doctors were amazed he wasn’t in a coma. And so began the family’s “new normal” – checking blood sugar, watching food intake, counting carbs.

The family created a GoFundMe to purchase a service dog for Tyler and within just a few weeks, they were introduced to Sinatra.

Sinatra can smell and alert Tyler when his blood sugar levels are too high or too low. Most times, Jerry told TVH11, Sinatra alerts Tyler about his blood sugar even before the specialized diabetic equipment he uses can.

So, naturally, when it came time for graduation ceremonies, Tyler made sure to include his best friend and service dog in the celebration with his very own matching cap and gown.

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  1. Avatar Of Suebee



    I say it multiple times every day…these animals – from the little cuddle-bug types to the big guys and all those between – are incredible for all they offer us. Congratulations Tyler and Sinatra!

  2. Avatar Of Jennie West

    Jennie West


    Totally cool, good luck Tylor and Sinatra, in all of your endeavors. Follow your dreams, you're best friend by you side, he will always have your back. I love your gesture of including Sinatra in you're graduation.

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