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The 13 (Science-Backed) Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

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For dog-lovers, letting your pup cuddle in bed is common. However, there is conflicting information about whether or not co-sleeping with your dog is best practice.

Sleeping With Your Dog

While some studies show sleeping with your dog can interrupt sleep patterns, there are numerous benefits. Depending on your situation, the benefits could outweigh the negative aspects.

For instance, did you know that sleeping with your dog can increase the flow of oxytocin to the brain which allows you to fall into REM sleep faster? It also combats anxiety and depression and promotes a feeling of safety and bonding. This can help people sleep who might otherwise be having issues!

Another fun benefit? Touching your dog can decrease your blood pressure. So pet your pup while you’re falling asleep to enjoy similar benefits.

On top of all that, sleeping with your dog can strengthen the bond you share. Many people say that sleeping together helps socialization and training because the dog feels like you are part of a pack. If that isn’t a reason to sleep with your pup, I don’t know what is.

To explore more reasons to sleep with your dog, Casper has created the below visual. Remember, sleeping with your dog isn’t for everyone, so it explores reasons you should not sleep with your dog as well.

Sleeping With Your Dog

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