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The Truth About Organic Dog Food

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We’re not claiming that unless a dog food has the USDA Certified Organic seal that it’s not good food. There are plenty of dog food manufacturers that make top quality, nutritious foods with your dog’s best interest in mind. You just might have to do a little homework to find them.

A downside to truly organic dog food is that because organic meats are quite expensive, these foods usually have a lower meat content than other, non-organic foods. You’ll have to decide for yourself if you prefer a higher volume of meat in your pet’s food, or a lower volume of meat that is USDA regulated, free of hormones and antibiotics, and human-grade.

The only way to truly guarantee your dog is getting the very best ingredients possible is to look for the Certified Organic seal. Otherwise, choose food from a manufacturer you trust, that has your pet’s health at the heart of their mission statement. Don’t take fancy labels and colorful marketing terms as proof for what’s actually inside the bag.

Do you feed your dog organic food? If so, make sure the package has the USDA Seal and read the ingredients list, or you might be paying more for food that isn’t truly organic!

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  1. Avatar Of Claire Masters

    Claire Masters


    Thanks for this truthful discussion about organic pet food and how I should look for USDA organic seal since it would mean that it contains more than half of organic ingredients. As a dog owner, of course, I would want to have my pet eat good quality food. I’d have to look into this more and find the best brands out there.

  2. Avatar Of Kelly



    My dogs have been on Castor and Pollux Organix dogfood since they were puppies. They are so healthy with shiney coats and no skin conditions. I had a friend who’s dog was always having hot spots and hair loss until she switched and now the dog is fine. A ggod website to check out and see how your food is rated is dogfood reviews.com

  3. Avatar Of Apryl



    It would be helpful, to me, to have the names of some recommended foods. I have a small, shih tzu/yorkie mix. I have stood and read ingredients and feeling I made the right choice bought a food. Sometimes the bites have been to large for the small dog, money wasted. She isn’t real fond of dry foods, but I would like to find a healthy small bite one for her. Also, a good brand of moist food. I do feed her people food such as chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, green beans, as I am afraid of giving her something bad in the dog food lines, but I don’t always have those foods on hand.

    • Avatar Of Lori Lori says:

      Apryl – here’s a link to Dog Food Advisor where you can do a little research yourself and find a quality brand of food if feeding commercial. You can also sign up for recall alerts. They list the brands alphabetically and provide a list of all ingredients so you can make your own determinations. dogfoodadvisor.com

      • Avatar Of Kies Jr Kies JR says:

        Yes, Dog Food Advisor (dot) com is a great site I often find what is needed here, the organic foods very rewarding for your dog. Highly recommend.


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