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Exciting News For Conscious-Driven Premium Pet Food Company, FreeHand!

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Today, an exciting announcement was released by the Dogington Post Award’s Gold Medal Winner for Best Dry Dog Food, FreeHand!

When we met the hard-working, dedicated folks at FreeHand last summer, we knew right away that they were special. With a mission to improve the lives of all shelter dogs while providing pet parents with the very best food for their dogs, we had a feeling this young company would make it big someday! That day has come…

FreeHand, the super-premium pet food company committed to conscious consumerism and saving the lives of homeless dogs, announced today, along with The Hollywood Reporter, that the company was purchased by Relativity Media CEO and philanthropist Ryan Kavanaugh along with his wife Britta Lazenga-Kavanaugh and other high-profile partners, former William Morris Agency CEO Jim Wiatt and singer Michael Buble.

Relativity Media is a full-scale television and movie studio, known for box office hits like House at the End of the Street, The Bourne Legacy, Act of Valor, Bridesmaids, Limitless, The Social Network, Salt, Despicable Me, Grown Ups, Dear John, It’s Complicated, Couples Retreat and Zombieland among others. Relativity’s television arm, RelativityREAL has more than 70 projects in active production, including 17 original series that are currently airing or will air in the upcoming television season including Police Women for TLC, Coming Home for Lifetime andThe Great Food Truck Race for Food Network.

Based in Los Angeles, FreeHand has a line of four holistic, dry dog foods. The company was founded on the principle of  “buy-one-give one;” for each pound of dog food sold, FreeHand will donate an equal amount of food to a local rescue organization or shelter.  FreeHand super-premium pet foods are natural and holistic and made from the best ingredients in the world, right here in the U.S.

FreeHand is the first dog food company to focus on ending the euthanasia of the nearly four million animals each year that live in shelters and pounds, waiting to find a caring home. The company aims to provide the highest quality dog food available on the market for the same price as comparable pet food. By relying on social media and word of mouth instead of expensive, traditional advertising, the company is able to donate one bag of dog food for each bag purchased to an animal shelter of the reseller’s choice.

“Millions of dogs are needlessly killed each year because municipal shelters and rescues can’t afford to feed them and FreeHand solves this,” said Ryan Kavanaugh, Chairman and Senior Advisor, FreeHand. “We provide the best quality dog food available and for each bag purchased, our customer helps save a dog’s life. My wife, Britta, and I are proud to be a part of what we call an ‘ecosystem for good’.”

“We are thrilled that Ryan and Britta have embraced the FreeHand vision and are coming on board to help save the lives of homeless dogs in the U.S.,” said Tom Bagamane, FreeHand’s Managing Director and Co-Founder.  “We have tremendous momentum in building our brand in the first six months since our product launch. This is certain to increase with the acquisition of the company with Ryan as one of the country’s most dynamic and successful businessmen along with Britta’s huge heart and passion for abandoned and abused animals.”

To date, Free Hand has provided more than 16,000 pounds, or 46,000 meals, to dogs in homeless shelters across the United States. It’s been proven that healthier dogs, fed a balanced, nutritious diet are more adoptable. Because of their dedication to animal advocacy, ethical practices in sourcing and food production, and for providing our precious pets with the highest quality ingredients and nutrition, FreeHand was nominated for (and won!) the Dogington Post Gold Medal Award for Best Dry Dog Food.

Relativity’s CEO, Kavanaugh told The Hollywood Reporter, “It’s unquestionable it will be integrated into Relativity’s movies, TV shows and our sports program,” adding: “We hope this will become a staple of Hollywood, and if you are not involved in this, then you’re not promoting social good amongst the animal world.”

Kavanaugh also said that Relativity’s television division, Relativity Real, is already in production on the first 10-episode season of a new reality show built “around the building of a dog food company.” The show has already been picked up for distribution by a still unannounced TV channel.

Kavanaugh and his wife, Britta, have 6 rescue dogs at home and are devoted to animal rescue and advocacy.

The Dogington Post would like to congratulate FreeHand, the Kavanaugh family, and their other new partners for an exciting  and well-deserved acquisition that is bound and determined to better the lives of our own dogs and those waiting to find their forever homes.

Visit www.LendaFreeHand.com to learn more and to support their important cause – DOGS!

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  1. Avatar Of Jennifer




    They said they were going to setup our rescue to receive pound of pound donations in April and despite sending follow ups and receiving responses from ‘Alexandra’ we were never setup. I did some investigation and this has happened to more groups than just our rescue. Do you have any connections as our supporters have been purchasing food from them and unable to get the donations to our group since they never added us. Furthermore, we reached out to them via email, phone and social media without any response since May. This is very disturbing if people are buying their dog food and it is not being donated appropriately.

    More recently, they just changed names from ‘Lend a Free Hand’ to ‘Dog for Dog’ and it seems that their new policy donates a dog treat for every purchase made (not a pound for pound donation match for every purchase). I wish I could get in touch with someone for clarification and to get our rescued registered but alas, no one responds.

    Dogington Post, can you see if you can you investigate this issue and/or get a response from them? I don’t want other hard working rescues to send think they signed up but were never added and have their supporters purchase dog food or the like and never see the matched contributions.

    Thank you!

  2. It looks like Freehand is no longer. Their Facebook page has been changed to Dog for Dog, and they sell dog treats and peanut butter.

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