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Tips For Adopting a Dog

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Adopting a dog is a wonderful way to save a homeless canine and add a loyal new member to your family. There are a few things you should be aware of beforehand so these tips for adopting a dog may come in quite handy.

Tips for Adopting a Dog

Our tips for adopting a dog begin with contacting your local animal shelters to arrange a visit. Visit at least two or more so you find the perfect dog for your lifestyle and family. Many dogs from puppies to pure bred dogs end up in animal shelters and rescue shelters due to various circumstances. All animal and rescue shelters have trained and caring staff who give the dogs wonderful care and will be very helpful helping you find the perfect dog or puppy. These dogs will have already been given a checkup and shots by local vets who voluntarily visit the shelter’s and proved these services.

Another of our tips for adopting a dog is speak to the staff at these shelters about any issues they found with the dog or dogs you are interested in adopting. Have a list of questions already written down so you do not forget what could turn out to be an important question you need answered. Questions should include: was the dog brought to shelter because it is mean or has a history of biting people, Does the dog have behavior issues that will make dealing with him or her difficult, Does the dog enjoy being around children and other family dogs you may already own, is the dog housebroke, and what background history do they know about the dog. Also ask if the dog has been spayed or neutered as well as the age, if known, of the dog.

Most animal shelters will work with any dog brought in that has behavioral problems in an effort to try and correct these issues. Ask if the dog you are thinking of adopting is one of these dogs.

Once you have selected the perfect puppy or adult dog it is time to introduce them to their new home. Be prepared and have all the doggy needs already on hand. Dog bowls for food and water, a good collar and leash, dog food and a training crate if you plan on keeping the dog in a crate while you need to housebreak the dog.

If you have selected a puppy and plan on keeping him in the home you will definitely need a training crate. Use these tips for adopting a dog to help the transition go smoothly.

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  1. Avatar Of Lance Lance says:

    I completely agree with Ann, adopted pets taken out from shelters are facing a whole new environment.

  2. Avatar Of Ann Ann says:

    Please keep in mind that a shelter dogs “kennel” mentality can be totally different when removed from this environment. Plan to spend time with your prospective dog and go outside the shelter for walks, etc. Also, no matter what age the dog is it will benefit fron obedience classes. A MUST for all dogs!

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