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Finding the perfect dog to adopt requires spending the time to visit a few local animal rescue shelters. Talk with staff and explain what type of dog you have in mind, how much yard space you have, do you want a puppy or adult dog, are there children in your family, how much experience you have with dogs, and your financial abilities to provide for a dog. They will use all this information to narrow down the list of best dogs for you to look at. If the first shelter comes up blank, move to the next one.

Since you know you are bringing a dog into your home, already have the necessary doggy supplies on hand. Dog or puppy food, water and food bowls, collar and leash, a dog cushion/bed with blankets, preferably a dog crate, and plenty of play toys.

Depending on if the new addition is a puppy or adult dog, be prepared for housebreaking and allowing the dog time to adjust to his or her new home. This may take a few days or even weeks but the dog will soon settle in. A crate helps immensely in this process.

Try these tips for dog adoption and you will not only be giving a loving dog a good home, you will be gaining a very loyal friend and pal!

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