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Tips For Naming Your New Puppy

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Need a few tips for naming your new puppy? He or she is just so cuddly and energetic there has to be the perfect name for the pup, but how do you select the right one? Today we will toss out a few tips to help with this task. When faced with coming up with the perfect name many people find their mind goes blank, so hopefully these tips for naming your new puppy will help you along and the little guy will be given a name that suits him to a T.

Our first tip is do not choose a name that is going to sound like the behavioral command the dog will be taught. Words like “stay, down, sit, here, fetch, heel, no, etc., are to be avoided. Using a name that sounds very similar to command words only confuses the puppy, and lengthens the behavior training time.

When naming your new puppy choose a name with one word and no more than two syllables if possible. These simple words are much easier for the pup to learn and associate with what he is expected to respond to during training. You want the puppy to recognize the word and respond when called.

Avoid selecting a name you would be embarrassed calling the dog in public. My cousin was given a puppy many years ago, and the all-white pup had a dark brown smear on his head when born. My cousin, in a moment of dumb inspiration, decided the smear looked like the pup had been born with feces on his head so he named the dog S**thead (The movie “The Jerk” had recently hit the theaters). Pretty embarrassing name to be calling out when you are in the local park playing toss with your dog wouldn’t you say? I know I was not pleased with his choice of names but you would have to know my cousin to understand.

Many times the best thing to do is wait a week or two and observe the new puppy. His personality and behavior will often give you the perfect name. If he is very willful and stubborn, you might like the name Rebel. For the puppy that is more of a snoopy, inquisitive type you may like something like Pokey.

Remember, once you name your pup this is the name he will have for life, so naming your new puppy with a name you enjoy saying and one suited to his personality is the best name possible.

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  1. Avatar Of Jennifer



    YAY! I’m getting it right! I have a Tucker, Tasha and Marley. All two syllables. The names also all have a strong last syllable so when I want their undivided attention, I call them stressing the last syllable. Its kind of like your Mom calling you by your full name 🙂 I completely agree with waiting a week or so to name your new addition. Marley is our rescued pit. We originally had the name Gracie (based on another pittie we planned to adopt – but she got sick :() Gracie didnt fit our little ball of fire with the most amazing personality and curiousity. So, Marley seemed more appropriate. I love reading others’ stories and names they’ve selected. I believe the name should fit both the pup and the owner’s personalities. You can never haver too much information regarding raising a healthy happy pup…and avoid ridiculous names.

  2. Avatar Of Amanda



    My theme is motorcycles…I had cats Harley, Dave (Davidson), Indy (for Indian) and my puppy is Rebel. It turns out it fits very well. Plus, everyone remembers a 10 lbs dog named Rebel.

  3. Avatar Of Esther Esther says:

    My theme is on royalty. My 2 dogs are Princess and Queeny. …

  4. Avatar Of Kirsten Kirsten says:

    I have a theme for my dogs. I’m a huge NASCAR fan. So everyone has a name related to cars.
    Skid, Boost, Torque, Zoom, Drift, Slide. They’re Border Collies so the names also fit the breed. Only odd man out is a recently rescued German Shepherd, Grady. He came with the name. Stray from Harlem. Sweetest dog ever. Little silly but still manages to keep that GSD nobility. Any suggestions for car related/NASCAR names for him? The list of 40 names I keep just don’t fit him. 🙂

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