Toy Breeds are Great Pets

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With so many different breeds of dogs how is a person going to narrow down the perfect dog for their new pet? Can be a somewhat daunting task but one class of dogs in particular stand out as the perfect selection for many people. These are the Toy breeds. The Toy breeds are great pets in many ways so let’s look at just what breeds fall within this classification, and why they are so highly prized by dog owners.

Toy breeds are great pets

A top reason Toy breeds are great pets is the fact they are small in size, and in many instances retain that adorable puppy look after reaching adulthood. Kids as well as adults love this characteristic about the Toy breeds. It is like having a cute puppy for many years instead of the normal six to twelve months when raising a larger breed of dog.

Toy dogs include the Pugs, Pekingese, Terriers, Italian Greyhounds, Pincers, Chihuahuas, and Spaniels to name just a few. The AKC lists many more breeds in their official classification of Toy breeds so you are sure to find one as a perfect fit for your family. Just because these canines are small in stature does not mean they are any less of a dog than a Saint Bernard or Mastiff. In fact these little dogs can be very aggressive and are excellent at voicing their opinions about an intruder coming onto their territory. The fact they are so vocal is often enough to frighten of a potential unwanted person from your property. Yes, they cannot physically over-whelm an intruder, but in many instances the fact they detect and alert their owners through aggressive barking usually takes care of the situation.

The following video by Animal Planet gives a nice rundown of the group:

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Other reasons Toy breeds are great pets include the fact they are easier on the budget. They eat less food, require less in the way of grooming time due to their size, they are fast to housebreak and when they do make a mess it is smaller, they shed less hair due to their small size, young children and elderly people can walk these dogs without any undue physical strain, and they can live quite comfortably in small homes and apartments.

Originally bred as small companions the Toy breeds are great pets for all the reasons above and will bring great joy into the lives of their owners.

Have you owned one of the Toy breeds? Comments and your stories are welcome below.

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