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The 6 Reasons Dogs Bark (And How to Make Them Stop!)

Things to Remember:


– Barking is a form of expression and and communication that can be self-rewarding to a dog. A dog should never be reprimanded or punished for barking as this can only lead to more serious consequences.

– Barking can be minimized to tolerable levels with proper management and training techniques. Dog owners should recognize the kind of barking that their dog is doing, whether it’s a single type of barking or a combination of different types.

– Keeping a detailed record of the dog’s barking is the first step in understanding and managing problematic barking.

– In cases of chronic stress related barking, the dog’s owner should understand the trigger so he can address it. Stress can come from the environment but it can also mean that the dog might be in pain or ill.

– Once a dog owner understands the type and reason for barking, he can prevent the dog from being in a situation that triggers him to bark.

– Using distraction and time outs can be effective strategies to address a dog’s barking, if used properly. Improper use of both can be translated by the dog as attention and can prompt him to bark more.


Barking_DVDWe surveyed thousands of dog parents about their issues, and do you know what their number one complaint was? Barking.

We were shocked to learn there was very little good information on how to teach your dog to stop barking! Well, now there is.

The DogingtonPost is proud to announce it has joined with all star dog trainer, Babette Hagerty in publishing The Secret Language of Barking. Watch the video above to discover our Triple Guarantee.

The DVD is $29.95 plus shipping. Select the shipping you desire and we’ll send you your copy. Supplies are definitely limited. Do you know a dog parent with a barking issue? They’ll be delighted to get this as a gift.

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