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VIDEO: Audi’s ‘Doberhuahua’ Super Bowl Commercial Gets Mixed Reviews

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While some of us are looking forward to the Big Game this Sunday, others are looking most forward to the commercials – especially the ones featuring dogs.

It’s no secret to advertisers that dogs attract attention. Some of the most beloved Super Bowl commercials in recent years have been those featuring dogs. (Click here to see our favorite Super Bowl commercials of recent years…with dogs!)

Rumor has it that Budweiser will premier a new commercial this Sunday with the famed Clydesdales alongside an adorable 10-week old Labrador retriever puppy. Suburu will almost certainly join the fun with a new driving dogs commercial, and Volkswagen has admitted that they’re incorporating puppies (among other advertising home runs like babies, models, and groin hits) into their still-in-the-works commercial spot.

So, it’s no surprise that Audi is hopping on the doggy bandwagon with their 2014 Big Game Commercial. The surprise, however, is how the commercial, released early on YouTube, is being received by viewers

While some think it’s hilarious and silly, others are left with a bad taste in their mouths.

Watch Audi’s new commercial below and judge for yourself. Do you think it’s all in good fun? Do you think Audi crossed a line in their portrayal of Dobermans? Or, do you think they’re making a great point about not creating new designer dogs and instead adopting from a shelter?

Weigh in with your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Avatar Of Elizabeth



    Read this. The commercial is not about rescuing dogs. It is about buying an Audi. It is not meant to offend, it is meant for you to laugh and know you do not have to compromise for an Audi. Not every commercial is about what it shows. Get the big picture and be open minded. Ridiculous comments

  2. Avatar Of Sbwolfe



    Lighten up people.
    Its a just a commercial and a funny one at that – probably one of the better ones during the super bowl. I am a dog love and I found nothing to be offended by.

  3. Avatar Of Mike



    I thought that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I love dogs, both Dobermans and Chihuahuas, and it’s a funny thought to have a mix just like that, funny, funny, funny, and as for the Animal Rescue, as long as their good owners shouldn’t matter where you get the dog.

  4. Avatar Of Teresa



    I’ve been an animal lover all my life and I’ve rescued a number of dogs. I didn’t see anything wrong with this commercial. In fact, I laughed my butt off.

  5. Avatar Of Don Gadda

    Don Gadda


    Wow! all of these comments come from people who sat around drinking and eating junk food while watching a barbaric display of machismo. I was sober and I thought it was hilarious. GET A GRIP

  6. Avatar Of Michael Mierscheid

    Michael Mierscheid


    Easily the funniest spot in the whole game. The reactions just show that some rescue groups don’t have the slightest sense of humor – where’s a “Best in Show” type movie about these people when you need it?

  7. Avatar Of Catrescuer1



    Dog people will understand the tongue-in-cheek humor of this ad and the point about rescuing vs. breeding. Bravo, Audi! It’s the Budweiser ad that leaves a bad taste in my mouth with its promotion and glamorizing of breeding. (The commercial was shot at their breeder facility called Warm Springs, and even that particular lab was traced back to the breeder and owner.)

  8. Avatar Of Ernest Ernest says:

    SERIOUSLY? Are you people truly getting your panties in a wad over a COMMERCIAL?! Oh, im sorry…did I OFFEND you with that “panties in a wad” comment? TOO BAD! GET A LIFE AND CONCERN YOURSELF WITH REAL THINGS. Grow up babies…my pitbull chow mix thought it was hilarious!

    • Avatar Of Alan



      Wow, people, get a life.. This was so funny! I rescue Pomeranians
      and prefer furry children to many humans. Audis are great cars,
      the ad got your attention and said what needed to be said.
      If you did not get it, that is indeed sad.

  9. Avatar Of Christine Weidner

    Christine Weidner


    Thought this was the funniest commercial!! Love it!!!

  10. Avatar Of Karen



    I own a doberman. I am active in dog rescue, and I drive an Audi Q5. I loved that ad. I am fostering a rottie recovering from TPLO surgery and the dog with the cone cracked me up. Until I checked out these comments, I did not realize what they were selling. Best commercia ever.

  11. Avatar Of Doc



    Very funny commercial… Remember, it is just a car commercial…not a statement on dog breeding or animal ethics. Get a life.
    Want something to do……ban pit bulls.

  12. Avatar Of Candace



    I don’t like this even though the dog is cgi it just makes the 2 breeds look like they get the worse of the cross breeding I really think they should have used something else insted of dogs

  13. Crappy commercial Budweiser has it beat Audi could have done a better job but they are just starting out Nice they were trying to make a statement about designer dogs Mine have been rescues all my life and always will be tyvm

  14. Avatar Of Frank




  15. Avatar Of Laurie Astles

    Laurie Astles


    I am a little embarrassed to be spending the time needed to make a comment. This ad is NOT worth all of the time and energy protesting the possibility that it promotes stereotyping, designer dog breeding and so on. Invest your energy in protesting real abuse and neglect. The ad is obviously intended to be silly and fun – and it is!

    • Avatar Of Bj



      All my dogs (and cats) are rescue fur-babies…either from a shelter or from being abandoned on the street. The best ever!!!

      I personally think this commercial is disturbing because of the breeds chosen…unfortunate. The message is great!!! However, a scruffy shelter dog in the back of an Audi? While it is sweet, I’d like to see a commercial of Audi executives showing off their rescue babies in the back of their cars!!! That would send a “normal” loving message…

      “Love my high end car…LoVe my scruffy, unconditionally love giving rescue pup! Please visit your local animal shelter…there is someone waiting for you. And then you can have your perfect match!!!”

  16. Avatar Of Janette Janette says:

    This ad is grotesque and, yes, I understand the supposed motive behind it, but was that really the intent Audi and not the hoped-for object of the supporters of this ad. Is the management of Audi (and their ad agency) that intuitive? Don’t think so. I am a Dobie owner, have had Dobies for over 50 years, and work with Dobie rescue groups. Despite everything the Dobie groups do to show the true nature of the Doberman Pinscher, there are many, many people who do not understand and, sadly enough, don’t want understand. The supposed subtlety of this crap ad will only perpetuate the myths about the Doberman Pinscher. Audi has always been the poor relation to BMW and Mercedes and this ad won’t change that.

  17. Avatar Of Mary-Beth Llorca

    Mary-Beth Llorca


    This is ignorant and offensive.

  18. Avatar Of Cyberhowl



    I didn’t especially find this funny nor offensive, but rather a statement on cross-breeding different breeds (Thank you, Audi!)
    First, breeding a Chihuahua to a Doberman is nearly impossible without artificial insemination, and even at that, if the dam were the Chihuahua, carrying pups that large would more than likely kill her. I find it hard to believe that a male Chi would mate a female Dobe naturally. I suppose it COULD be done, but I don’t know that pups that small would be carried successfully by the female Dobe. Unfortunately, while Audi might have picked these two opposite breeds with this thought in mind (that it would be almost impossible to accomplish), I doubt if the public gives this thought serious consideration (has it even been brought up in this thread yet?)
    I agree with what HAS been brought up previously – “designer dogs” are no more than cross-breeding of two different breeds, previously known to the public in earlier times as MUTTS – and quite expensive ones, at that. And I’ve seen some HORRID crosses in the past, with obviously no concern as to the temperaments that would be produced. There are NO perfect dogs, NO perfect temperaments. Some are sweeter than others, some more aggressive than others, but even when breeding the same breed to each other, there are no guarantees; double that when working with two different breeds.
    What I DON’T see is what Audi was trying to say about other cars – BMW’s, Mercedes are equivalent to cross-breeds? Not seeing the connection, this would not make me necessarily think that Audi’s were any better than the “other brands”, but rather, a car to stay away from. It WOULD make me lean towards seeing Audi in a negative light, as I will automatically think of the vicious cross-breed that comes to the forefront of the commercial. To me, it’s unclear what Audi was trying to say. Yes, they’re promoting their brand, but the reasons don’t make sense. Sensationalized – yes, intelligent – not. I think Audi missed the mark by a mile. Hopefully, the public will get the message (at the VERY LEAST) that breeding two different breeds, regardless of what they are, is a lose-lose situation.

  19. Avatar Of Diane



    I don’t think it’s offensive … but I don’t think it’s funny, either. Kind of creepy! I love animals … this isn’t a commercial I’d enjoy seeing over and over (as I do the Budweiser puppy/horse commercial.)

  20. Avatar Of Nato



    Besides the fact that they promote purchasing dogs from pet shops instead of shelters, it’s just simply not a good ad. The idea isn’t smart and is irrelevant to the brand.
    And yes the breeding of the two is in poor taste. Unfortunately it is no different than what’s done to dogs all the time simply for human vanity.

  21. Avatar Of Carleen




  22. Avatar Of Gene



    I don’t care for it either. Took way to much license with what such a cross would look like and act. And, I agree with most of the other comments as well. If Audi wanted an example of compromise, they should have stuck to the automotive world.

  23. Avatar Of Renee



    Well I don’t like the video, don’t like that it encourages breeding more unwanted designer dogs. I bet someone will try it now. I like the end where they adopted from a Rescue.

  24. Avatar Of Jacquie




  25. Avatar Of Tm



    Some people truly need to get s grip. Quit reading something into nothing.

  26. Avatar Of Cherie




  27. The commercial is wrong and insulting on so many levels. Audi’s marketing team obviously has no idea of all the breed specific legislation we a Doberman owners are up against, all of it originating from ignorant people who believe all the false stereotypes portraying the a Doberman as a vicious dog. I will never buy an Audi.

    • Avatar Of Ashley



      I’m also a Doberman owner and I don’t find this offensive. I don’t see it as anti-Doberman (the Dobe they show they portray as calm and normal), I see it as anti-designer mutt, which I fully support. I would hope people watching this wouldn’t say “Lets ban Dobermans and Chihuahuas” but rather “Lets not support this stupid fad of creating crazy “designer” mixes, because when you unscrupulously mix random breeds who knows what kind of monster dog you’ll create.”

  28. Avatar Of Margaret Robitaille

    Margaret Robitaille


    thank you for saving this baby and finding her a new home. you do wonderful work, thank you.

  29. Avatar Of Lisa



    Not offensive, just plain idiotic.

  30. Avatar Of Colleen Colleen says:

    No way wrong for so many reasons….thought Audi had better sense than that it doesn’t help anything that remotely has to do with Shelter dogs it looks as if the dog were bought in a pet store and there sayin get the best of both breeds and start a new one (more shelter dogs) giving idiots a new idea,and they say you need a college education for this job! I’ll go with common sense any day. So get out from behind the desk and get out on the street and find out what it’s all about on foot you’ll need the fresh air!

  31. Avatar Of Teri



    Not crazy about the commercial. I think they are trying to promote “No More Designer Dogs” and adopt from a shelter but unfortunately the dog breed they portray a dobbie as being vicious even if it was in good fun, they should have made the head maybe of a yorkie and a body of a dobbie to make it funny and prove their point.

  32. Avatar Of Duffy




  33. Avatar Of Frankie



    It’s a pretty stupid commercial. But as someone who has a part rottweiler mutt that people insist is vicious, it’s more than a bit offensive. This is the sort of ignorance that creates breed specific laws.

  34. Avatar Of Linda Davis

    Linda Davis


    Didn’t like the commercial at all.Something about it that TURNED me right off.

  35. Avatar Of Carol Coughlin

    Carol Coughlin


    I think it’s awful!!! To breed a large dog and a very small one? They are making fun of 2 good breeds. The outcome of this union is absurd!!! I HATE it!!! While some breeds can be crossed and come out with a decent result (Labadoodle) this is NOT one of them!!!

  36. Avatar Of Barbara



    I don’t like it. No specific reason there’s just something disturbing about it. There’s nothing “offensive” about it…..that word is seriously over used these days. Budweiser wins hands down again this year.

  37. Avatar Of Linda




  38. Avatar Of Dusty Gres

    Dusty Gres


    Poor taste. Little humor. What has happened to any kind of responsible advertising?

  39. Avatar Of Noren Ens

    noren Ens


    Don’t like it. Might give too many “stupid people” the idea to actually try to cross a dobie w/chi to get a dog that looks like that…..:(

  40. Avatar Of Frank



    Chihuahuas are scarier than Dobermans. The nastiness has essentially been bred out of Dobermans. Pet rescue message is a good punchline.
    I got the ad and did not find it offensive in the least. Audi makes some of the world’s best automobiles and this one would be perfect if it were black!
    I am considering buying an A3. Stunning!

  41. Avatar Of Susan SUSAN says:

    that wasn’t funny at all shame on AUDI

  42. Avatar Of Beth



    So I’m going to try to break this down. In the beginning you have a Chihuahua and a Doberman in a pet store. Both dogs are acting totally calm and normal. I’m thinking that the idea of “compromise” here is like creating Frankenstein’s monster in Audi’s idea. So you get the “Doberhuahua” and you get the stereo typical traits of each dog and the craziness of the whole thing by the goofy looking “creation” terrorizing the streets. Then you get a normal dog from a clearly marked animal rescue sitting in the back of the Audi. Audi says…animal rescue = smart/responsible choice, good, normal dog. Audi car = smart/responsible choice, good, normal car. Simples. 😀

    • Avatar Of Justin Creditable

      justin creditable


      finally someone else who got it.

    • Avatar Of Ashley



      EXACTLY! As a Dobe owner I was not offended. I’m also VERY anti “designer mutt”, this commercial seems to send an anti designer mutt message which I think is great. It’s basically saying, Dobes are fine, Chihuahuas are fine, mix two breeds together that have no business breeding with each other and you could end up with a monster!

      • Avatar Of Lafaloud



        Holy crap…do you know where a DOBERMANN came from? Lmao- you folks crack me up. So, you’re ok with this because it (to the american public, since they’re so adept at subtly) discourages “designer mutt breeding?” Take a look at your (loyal, intelligent, athletic, most like loving) friend you “own”…how many breeds mr. Dobermann had to mix to get his designer mutt breed that I, too, love and cherish. Is that ok because it wasn’t done this century? There are too many dogs being bred, intentionally or not…period- who gives a crap WHAT they are?! Stop mills, stop BSL (and the STEREOTYPES that lead to them) AND Back yard breeding (of dobes and chi, too…that’s a start.) Tell me how funny you think it is when you lose your home and can’t find anywhere to live because you won’t give up your doberman and are forced to board her away from her family till you can get her home…due to stereotypes perpetuated here. Or when a shelter doesn’t even let you pull a Dobe for rescue because they just go ahead an PTS because, you know- it is probably aggressive. Yeah- that’s all awesome. Keep up the awesome breed advocacy you’re doing

        • Avatar Of Ashley



          I’m against backyard breeding too of course. I agree BSL is crap and I have seen the harm it’s done. Before we bought our home we did have a hell of a time finding a place that would allow him and as home owners we’ve had to shop around for insurance companies that don’t discriminate. All I was saying was that I DON’T PERSONALLY feel that this commercial was adding to the stereotype. They show a Doberman in the beginning that looks like a respectable canine citizen, the message to me was not to randomly cross breeds at will. I know where Dobes came from, that doesn’t mean I have to be at all OK with this ridiculous designer breed fad going on today, which is about 60% all about money and 40% all about stupidity (same with BYBers). You seem like a great breed advocate too, making Dobe owners look like bitches.

  43. Avatar Of Erma Moy

    Erma Moy


    Not funny at all if Audi’s point was to sell cars they so missed the mark

  44. Avatar Of Meredith Berry

    Meredith Berry


    This is unacceptable on many fronts, but specifically with regard to current breed specific legislation and local policies (including the US Military) as well as many years of fears regarding Dobermans’ temperaments. This commercial just disgusts me. There is no redeeming value to it – only a potential detrimental affect on an already uninformed and easily swayed TV audience. Audi should put this commercial into the trash bin immediately.

  45. Avatar Of Kenny



    As far as this commercial goes… I didn’t find it offensive, though the use of a pet store to buy an animal disturbs me… I laughed out loud twice… The dog flying in slo-mo into the trash cans and the one attacking Sarah McLachlan’s guitar… otherwise is “Meh.”

  46. that is sad and anti dog .The Doberman is a noble breed as are all dogs . That was ugly and I don’t want to see it again.

  47. Avatar Of Kenny



    The funniest dog-oriented commercial is for Subaru! A family of white Labs (puppies in the back seat) are driving a blue Subaru and they come to a stop. Walking in the crosswalk in front of them is a French Poodle. The male Lab (driver) is staring at the poodle until… The female Lab growls at him. Hilarious.

  48. Avatar Of Lizziebeth



    Not funny….a waste of talent, money and time.

  49. Avatar Of Rob



    I didn’t find it offensive, I found it stupid and poorly conceived. It could have been really funny, but the poor animation/CGI and the fact that the people who did it did no research on either breed, ruins it. Want to see a good commercial with dogs? The Doritos one where the Great Dane buys off a witness with a bag of doritos is hysterical. This was just dumb.

  50. Avatar Of Bill Van Cleave

    Bill Van Cleave


    It’s funny. Come on people its a commercial. Lighten up.

  51. Avatar Of Abbs



    I don’t care for it. Yes, it’s meant to be silly and fun, but the commercial is condoning breeding which is a serious issue. Also, the portrayal of the dogs is in an unfavorable light.

  52. Avatar Of George Rubin

    George Rubin


    Distasteful reminder of past Nazi breeding experiments.

    • Avatar Of Jason



      Wow. With both Audi and the Doberman Pincer breed being German I am amazed Godwin’s Law took this long to demonstrate itself.

  53. Avatar Of Lindette Bourne

    Lindette Bourne


    NO, NO, NO, NO society is just getting over the stereotyping that the media put on these dobys,& you are NOW making it worse plus MORE people will NOT buy
    AUDI’S. If you want to take that gamble, go ahead, but believe me & the thousands of others, you will LOSE. Pls reconsider this BIG mistake of a commercial!

  54. Avatar Of Kelly



    The use of the pet store in the commercial just shows the ignorance of Audi and whomever had the idea for the commercial. There are many people in the United States that live the fight everyday of trying to shut down puppy mills in this country and are trying to educate people on why there should be no pet stores any longer. Buying your dog from a pet store promotes puppy mills and in turn supports animal abuse. Lastly, I do see the humor in the commercial and my chihuahua would wipe his ass with a Doberman 🙂

    • Avatar Of Katfish



      Look again Einstein. The shop says “Animal Rescue.” I think the commercial is hilarious! I am an animal rescuer and advocate, and I don’t find anything offensive about this commercial. Two thumbs up Audi. Now I’m going out with my rescued lab in my Audi A4 for a nice drive. Bye-Bye!!!

      • Avatar Of Lenora King Lenora KIng says:

        I agree with you KAtfish. I found the commercial to be quite funny. I am a dog lover of all dog lovers. dobies nor chihuahuas are whay I would call sweet; but I love the dobies’ characteristics. I find chihuahuas think they are some kind of large animal and act like it. dobie owners like the breed and are usually used for guard purposes. they CAN BE sweet to their owners. it is just commercial, lighten up.

        • Avatar Of Lafaloud



          First- meet and get to know a few Dobes (most, genius, are pets/family dogs – not guard dogs, at least none of our seven have been) and some chis- I am guessing you haven’t gotten to know either breed? This is a website for dog loving people…the ire drawn by this commercial is largely due to what Am-urica at large will see here…yet another bunch of (not funny, sophomoric, poorly cg’d)stereotypes that make it even tougher to rescue these dogs. Why don’t you take a look at the shelters here in Colorado and tell me what you see…a whole bunch of chis who will not get out…certainly this is helping them?! This stereotyping must be making Dobermans look more adoptable, yes? Like the usually great family gods that they are? I think not.

    • Avatar Of Judy



      Exactly. Well said. I foster the parents of the puppy mill dogs that are sold in pet stores and they have been in the mills for 9 + years.
      I think the commercial is saying that designer dogs are vicious and ugly, so don’t do it.
      The whole commercial in my view stinks.

    • Avatar Of Dgrant88



      You people are pathetic! You think you are doing the work of GOD? It’s a dog people! It’s a commercial. It’s not real! People who try to treat animals (particularly dogs) are the same ones whom will step over their fellow human being laying in the street to get to a stray dog. When judgement day comes…and we are all held accountable; I can only imagine how foolish and vain one would look when asked “during your life on earth what did you value the most”…your fellow man or your dog! Hopefully, there will be a Dobychuachua in the judgement seat but I doubt it. Your pathetic attempt at humanism is sorely unbalanced! It’s much harder to argue for your fellow man…

  55. Avatar Of Lennie Lennie says:

    Shame on you for making good breed of dogs look bad. There are enough folks out there afraid of dogs and this does not help. Your advertisers messed up BIG TIME with this one. This one was NOT funny!

  56. Avatar Of Shawn



    FABULOUS COMMERCIAL…Get a shelter/rescue dog & stop DESIGNER DOG BREEDING!!!

  57. Avatar Of Sheila Page Sheila Page says:

    I really don’t like this!!!It would not get to to buy one of these cars! The only thing I do like it promotes dog rescue and I’m for the rescue dog!!!It makes the sweet Dobie as a nasty dog..and they really are very sweet dogs!!

  58. Avatar Of Chris



    I don’t find it offensive, nor do I find it particularly funny, though that can be said about most of the SB commercials as I think they try way too hard.

    As for the designer dog aspect, I am sick of that term. They are mutts. Cross-breeding should only be done for a purpose and with great thoughtfulness. “Looks” is neither. Leave breeding to the professionals.

  59. Avatar Of Vickie Mott Vickie mott says:

    This is wrong and I would not even consider watching this or buying a audi

    • Avatar Of Pamela Taylor

      Pamela Taylor


      I wouldn’t buy an Audi now if it were the only car on the market. Disrespectful is putting it politely. Making a mockery of anyone is awful and when you do it to one of God’s and humans best creatures; it’s less than human. Certainly not as good as their dog thinks they are. Enough torture is inflicted by man on God’s Dogs daily. This type of monetary greed is without question the worst on earth.

  60. Avatar Of Lynn



    It promotes pet adoption and Audi. I love them both. Not offended.

  61. Avatar Of Jeri



    Don’t like it. Might give too many “stupid people” the idea to actually try to cross a dobie w/chi to get a dog that looks like that…..:(

  62. Avatar Of Judy Knowles

    Judy Knowles


    Not funny at all.

  63. Avatar Of Ed Lorenz

    Ed Lorenz


    Open-mindedly, I get the idea, but I’m afraid Wall Street’s boys muffed this one. Not really very clean, and certainly not clear on anything of value – except “Buy our car.”
    If I was Mr. Audi … Thumbs down.

  64. Avatar Of Jan Jan says:


    • Avatar Of Justin Creditable

      justin creditable


      I think the purpose was to show cross breeding causes freaky looking and behavioral issues. so quick taking commericals so serious its meant to be funny and it was. i am a big animal supporter and belong to many rescues and foster so i know the cruel things done everyday to animals. message was clear and u missed it completely

      • Avatar Of Vicki



        WELL SAID, Justin. Like you, I have been rescuing critters for years….mostly Chihuahuas. The point of this commercial is problems encountered when mixing breeds of dogs.

    • Avatar Of Karine



      It seems that Aemricans have a lot of growing up to do .. the country is going down the crapper and you make a big deal about some Ad .. Well you can always change channels .. sickening to see what Aemricans get extited and self righteous about .. Oh well.. You are looking at the fruit of your non labor .. No wonder the rest of the wrold things Americans are way of kilter and not in the here iand now …
      How about becoming part of a positive change in this country .. What a concept!

      • Avatar Of Wendy



        Your spelling is horrible just saying and your saying USA needs to grow up a kindergartner can spell better than you idiot :-[

  65. Avatar Of Tasia



    Not funny. Stereo types not only Dobermans but small dogs as vicious as well as the idea that it’s okay to breed dogs to get your ‘designer dog’. Poor taste on their part.

    • Avatar Of Jason



      In the first part of the ad, both the Chihuahua in the man’s arms and the Doberman Pincer sitting with the woman appear to be fantastic dogs. Being a life long “dog person” I much prefer the “rescue dog” route seen in the back seat at the end, but like dogs regardless of breed, if they are good dogs. This is a funny ad. Is the A3 made in Woofsburg?

    • Avatar Of Beau Gusposterman

      Beau GusPosterman


      Lighten up, Francis.

      • Avatar Of Judy



        LOL! I have chihuahuas (wawas) and the poor cross breed obviously got his temper from the wawa side of his pedigree 🙂 anyway, was funny and all the complainers need to lighten up 😀

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