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VIDEO: GoDaddy’s Shocking New Super Bowl Commercial Should Infuriate You

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Every marketer knows, when you include adorable little puppies in your commercials, people take notice. We just can’t help it, we love the amazing little angels.

But, we DON’T like when those sweet puppies are used in a way that uses poor judgement, encourages puppy mill and online puppy sales, and pokes fun at those of us both love our dogs like family, and that try so desperately to better the lives of animals and encourage animal rescue.

See the popular domain name registry’s commercial spot below, set to air during the Super Bowl:

Are you as disappointed and disgusted as we are?

Not only does the commercial encourage online puppy sales, it paints all dog breeders – of which there are thousands of loving, responsible breeders that treat their puppies like family – in a negative light, and portrays puppies as “things” as opposed to living, breathing, feeling animals.

We now have less than one week before the disturbing ad appears before an audience of millions.

Make your voice heard by contacting the following:

GoDaddy’s VP of Public Relations by email at [email protected], or by calling 480-505-8878.

You may also want to let the NFL know you’re disappointed by contacting Paul Hicks, Executive VP of Communications & Public Affairs at his e-mail [email protected], of by calling 212.450-2025.

Or send a Tweet to NBC’s Official Super Bowl page at @SNFonNBC

AND – Sign the petition to have the commercial removed from the line-up by clicking here.

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  1. Avatar Of Val



    Apparently GoDaddy has pulled their ad and so they should. The power of public opinion has won again! So now, in stark contrast, go have a look at this year’s Budweiser Superbowl commercial!

  2. Avatar Of Geo




  3. Avatar Of Phillip



    Get over it people. Clearly a first world problem.

  4. Avatar Of Patty Simmons

    Patty Simmons


    Disgusting ad from a big company. Shame on you!

  5. Avatar Of Patty Simmons

    Patty Simmons


    Disgusting ad from start to finish. What kind of big bucks does the creator of GoDaddy ads make? He/she should be fired.

  6. Avatar Of Gob Smacker Gob Smacker says:

    There is an opportunity for someone to teach GoDaddy the meaning of “Corporate Social Responsibility”. This ad shows a complete lack of ethics and a disconnect with the real world.

  7. Avatar Of Danise



    It looks like your voices were heard heard… Great job. Hope this is true:

  8. Avatar Of Virginia Virginia says:

    Terrible commercial. Very offensive.

  9. Avatar Of David Mosdale

    David Mosdale


    That ad wasn’t thought out well, It’s illegal for pets to travel in the back of a truck without a safety harness on, just so they don’t fly out the back like that puppy did. Also who in the heck buys a puppy sight unseen off the internet, the animal rights and just plain animal lovers will be all over this, If I was Go Daddy I would be firing the idiot that thought of this ad, you got five days to come up with something else, before the damage gets out of hand, I’m surprised Danika aloud herself to be in that ad.

  10. Avatar Of Furbabylover



    Boycott the a$$ wipes……..Hurt them where they can feel it the most..Their pockets……..Don’t mess around w/babies, and animals..This commercial is just stupid in too many levels….And fire the project manager for his idea of this in the first place…I will NEVER use their site!!!!

  11. That is just terrible! Disappointed.

  12. Avatar Of Rhonda



    This is one of the most disguising things I’ve seen this year! I will not now, nor will I ever support GoDaddy. EVER! I work VERY hard quoth a group of WONDERFUL people, to website puppies don’t get into the hands of AWFUL people! The people who created this commercial are people I would NEVER allow to own a dog! This is very disheartening! 🙁 I’m ashamed of GoDaddy and the people involved. Disgusting!

    • Avatar Of Rhonda



      *WITH* a group of people…
      Sorry, I was so upset, I didn’t proofread!
      To *ensure* puppies don’t get…

  13. Avatar Of Bootscamp



    If anyone has a domain/hosting package registered with GoDaddy and wants to vote with their feet – today is a good day to do it! Namecheap are having a ‘Move your Domain Day’ TODAY, Jan 27th. I am in no way affiliated with Namecheap, just happened to know this was on offer and thought it might be of interest to some…..

  14. Avatar Of Delores



    Everyone knows GoDaddy is the one of the web hosting sites that only considers profit and nothing else: they could care less they host sites for scammers worldwide, for instance.

  15. Avatar Of Linda West Linda West says:

    This is in the poorest taste I’ve ever seen! I was a home breeder and I did not “Sell” a puppy, it was adopted and the fact that the dog was throw from the truck and went through bad weather to get home, just to be sold, is in bad taste and a child should not see that commercial. Do not air……I will make sure I do not watch it. I would be embarrsed to be part of your team that came up with that commercial.

  16. Avatar Of Ana Rivera

    Ana Rivera


    totally not a funny or kind video at all! I’m not impressed…. This video should not be shown on television at all!!

  17. Avatar Of Diana



    This is bad advertisement for Go Daddy especially if you are an animal lover like myself. The ad stinks..

  18. Avatar Of Donna Mercantini

    Donna Mercantini


    This is aweful!!! I work with Amazing Mutts Puppy Rescue, my friend is founder and I help save many fur=babies and Mommas. Go Daddy should be ashamed of themselves. We also, work with Karen Talbot of Animal Aide USA. If she sees this, God Help Go Daddy!! It should not be aired period.

  19. Avatar Of Lea Lade

    Lea Lade


    Yeah …. good on ya!
    Not a clever ad at all, by any standard. I’ve used Go Daddy in the past but never again if your going to use that sort of concept for an ad. Who ever dreamed that one up needs to seriously reconsider their market!

  20. Avatar Of Sylvie Morel



    You should be ashamed!

  21. Avatar Of Eileen



    awwwful just awwwful very bad add for go daddy or any other business.sick sick sick.

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