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VIDEO: Higgins the Pug Needs a Valentine! Could Your Dog Be a Match?

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This Valentine’s Day, we need your help to find a date for our very special friend Higgins.

He’s been alone as long as we can remember and has yet to find true (puppy) love. Does your pooch have what it takes to teach this old dog new tricks?

Submit a photo of your dog to and tell us what their perfect date with Higgins would look like. Whether your dog is male or female, large or small you can enter. After all, love is blind.


The winner will receive a gift bag, courtesy of HWBP, along with the best prize of all, Higgins’ eternal love.

Higgins is the face of the Toronto clothing label, HWBP. And now a little about Higgins. Higgins is a 10 year old pure bred pug of gentle nature and modest girth. The offspring of Elvis and African Queen, he has always been a little different from other dogs. Growing up he preferred rides in the convertible to mundane walks. He preferred steaks to lowly dog food. He has a wardrobe most grown men only dream of and has even been known to get massages. He enjoys eating cheese in his spare time.

HWBP has a larger purpose however. HWBP is giving 10% of each purchase to ElderDog. Their goal is twofold. On the one hand, they work to enable older adults, living at home and with challenges affecting dog care, to continue to benefit from their relationship with their canine companions. On the other, they work to aid older dogs who have lost a human companion due to a residence change, illness or death and are left without a caregiver.

No wonder HWBP stands for Higgins Would Be Proud.

To learn more about Higgins and HWBP (or to express your dog’s eternal love to this special Pug), visit

To learn more about ElderDog, click here.

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  1. Avatar Of Laura Lewis Laura Lewis says:

    Brenda, you sound like a real sweet lady and your 14-year old Sausha, is one lucky and apparently well loved pup. I have an 18 yr. Siamese cat and a 10 yr. old Chow-Lab. Love those Seniors <3 I wouldn't feel good about giving hard candy to my babies nor would I give them ice-cream (maybe just a little; my dog loves to lick the container when its almost all empty) but he loves dried liver treats and milk bones! Best wishes to you and your family 😉

  2. Avatar Of Brenda Decker

    Brenda Decker


    I believe my 14-year old black female pug, Sausha, would be a perfect match for Higgins on Valentine’s Day. The day would begin cuddling on the sofa and watching her favorite TV show–Big Cat Diary and barking at all the leopards, lions, elephants and zebras. After breakfast she likes to dance and walk backwards. She needs a dancing partner. Caution: She howls with excitement when she dances. Then the two could enjoy a steak dinner together. For dessert Sausha would share her favorite dessert–Wearther’s Originals hard candy. Then after a nap and snoring together, Sausha would love to take Higgins to get a little ice cream. I’d love to submit a picture of Sausha but I don’t see where to do that.

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