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VIDEO: Miracle Dog Interrupts Her Own Memorial Service

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After An 8-Hour Rescue Effort By The Oregon Human Society, Gracie Was Hoisted To Safety. (Image Via Oregon Humane Society)
After an 8-hour rescue effort by the Oregon Human Society, Gracie was hoisted to safety. (Image via Oregon Humane Society)

What started as tragedy turned to triumph when Gracie the dog barked at her own impromptu memorial service, letting family friends know she was still alive!

Michelle Simmons took her dog, Gracie, a one-year old Labradoodle, hiking at Oregon’s Punchbowl Falls last week with a large group of other hikers and dogs. At one point, Gracie and another dog began playing. A little too close to the edge, Gracie slipped and fell off a 200′ high cliff, down a river embankment, and into the Colombia River Gorge.

“We kept hearing her rolling and rolling and heard her hit on the ground and she yelped out and we didn’t hear anything after that,” Simmons told reporters. “We thought we had lost her.”

Devastated, Simmons and many heartbroken hikers held an impromptu memorial service for Gracie at the scene of the accident. During their service, however, Gracie spoke up. She started barking from down in the gorge, alerting hikers that she was still alive and needed help.

The Oregon Humane Society rushed to the scene and a 10-person rescue team assembled to save Gracie.

After 8-hours, Gracie was reunited with Simmons. Shockingly, she had only suffered minor scrapes and bruises.

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  1. Avatar Of Jimmy Snow

    Jimmy Snow


    Oh come on! Idiots hold a memorial without even checking to see if the dog was alright? Flippin morons.

  2. Avatar Of Mary



    Maybe next time she won’t be stupid enough to bring her dog that clost to the edge without a tether!!

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