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Video of Dog High on Marijuana Goes Viral, Infuriates Dog Lovers

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When Laura Milsee of Waterford Michigan came home to find that her 3-year old Pit Bull, Thor, had eaten a bag of marijuana, she took a video of the dazed and drooling dog and posted it to Facebook.

Milsee told 7 Action News that she posted the video out of concern for her dog, so that her boyfriend could see what the dog was doing. She planned to post the video just long enough for her boyfriend to see, and then immediately delete it.

But, while she seems momentarily worried for the dog in the video, she laughs audibly when Thor stumbles into a wall, sparking immediate concern among pet lovers.

The video went viral in just minutes.

“Because I laughed at the end, people are taking it as though I’m cruel him.  I’m not,” said Milsee.  “It was late.  I had spoken to one of my girlfriends who is an animal advocate and she said to keep giving him water and bread.”

Milsee says that Animal Control is currently investigating the case. She also says that she deeply regrets recording and posting the video. (No mention of deeply regretting allowing her dog access to marijuana…)

Thor was later taken to a veterinarian and is doing fine.

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  1. Avatar Of Kerri Peek

    Kerri Peek


    She hit him and laughed about it. Sick, dumb, horrible pet owner. The dog needs to be re-homed with responsible people.

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