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Waiting to Adopt Kitten, Family Spots Their Long-Lost Beloved Dog

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Over the weekend, a Jacksonville, Florida family were standing in line to adopt a kitten when they spotted a familiar face—their beloved dog who’d gone missing months earlier!

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Image: Jacksonville Humane Society | Facebook

While attending an adoption event at their local PetSmart on Saturday, a Jacksonville father spotted a familiar dog being leashed up to go for a walk.

“That’s my Dopey!” he shouted.

The Jacksonville Humane Society explained on Facebook, the dog heard his voice and ran over to the family – it was HIS family! He leapt into their arms and starting covering them with kisses.

Dopey had disappeared from his family’s home in August and arrived at JHS on October 1st as a stray. His family never gave up hope of one day finding him again, but hoped to bring joy to their home by adopting a kitten at the PetSmart adoption event.

As fate would have it, Dopey was at PetSmart that day, too. When JHS hoped to find him a loving family, they had no idea it would be the one that had been missing him for more than two months.

“Stories like Dopey’s, the many we tell and the many untold, are proof that generosity breeds joy in Jacksonville every day. From the strangers who helped Dopey when he was lost to the volunteers and staff who lovingly cared for him, from the donors who made his reunion possible to foundations like PetSmart Charities for sponsoring the event that brought this family back together … generosity and joy are all around us,” Jacksonville Humane Society expressed on Facebook.

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1 Comment

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    Oh that is wonderful news to have your baby back

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