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Why Would Anyone Feed Their Dog A Penis?

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Optimized Curious Dog
You Want To Feed Me WHAT?

Not to be believed.

I trusted you.

You’re my parent right?

I barely remember my dog mommy. She taught me lessons that last a life time.

But you are the one who loves me.

And I love you back so so much.

You have no idea.

I know you care about me.

But I want to ask you a favor.

It’s a little one.

Please study what’s in the food you give me.

When is says beef, you have to ask, “is it human grade.”

The big dog manufacturers don’t want to hear this question.

They want to feed me parts of animals you wouldn’t believe.

They want to feed me meat and by products from diseased animals.

I can’t read so well.

So I need you to check.

You may have seen a chew treat in Target recently.

And you figured, “my baby would like chewing on that.”

Boots And Barkley Bully Sticks Recalled
Don’t Feed This To Your Dog

But you didn’t know the product was made from – excuse me – bull penises.


And the conditions in the plant weren’t good so fur babies could get salmonella poisoning by eating it.

I know you didn’t know this.

But today, you’ve got to be educated.

You’ve got to look beyond the label.

And don’t feed me any more bull penises.

Yiich. 🙁

Now, can you do me a favor?

Would you please click the like button or tweet these so other dog parents learn the truth?


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  1. Avatar Of Julie Jacob

    Julie Jacob


    I have fed my dogs bully sticks for YEARS and they love them. The texture satisfies the dogs natural need to chew, something that commercial kibble takes away from them. Like Sue says, we are way to snobby about our dogs. Yes they are DOGS, animals, NOT PEOPLE and we need to remember that. I do advocate feeding quality foods, but my dogs adore bully sticks, hoofs, lamb ears, liver, pig ears, snouts. As long as they are processed minimally and properly I have no problem giving these things to my dog as treats to satisfy his or her ANIMAL instincts.

  2. Avatar Of Becky Stockum

    Becky Stockum


    These have been for sale for so many years in the treats section of all the dog catalogs that I get—-although I have never bought them for my dogs because they were too expensive for as fast as they would go through them. It wasn’t that I had a problem with them eating a dried up jerky penis, I just didn’t like the price of them—–but I am sure they would have liked them—-even the picky ones.

  3. Avatar Of Sue



    And why not feed a bull penis to your dog? If your dog were to come across a dead bull in a field and you were not to be found, do you not think that your dog would eat the penis or the stomach or the eyes or the kidneys or the…? Your dog would eat ALL that! Now, I am NOT advocating that dog food be made from meal parts, but these other parts certainly can be part of their food along with human grade parts. By the way, all the parts are eaten by other societies, just not ours. We are more elitist when it comes to which parts we will eat. So, I suggest you get off your high horse (by the way, horse is eaten in other societies, too–Germany for one–and tastes quite good!) and get a grip. The MOST important thing that is NOT good for your dog is the dried up kibble that is fed here in the States. The nutrition is cooked, baked, and dried out of the product, then stored for long periods, before it gets to your dog. So, do your research and feed your dog quality food. If you want to give your dog quality treats, make them yourself so you will know what is in them. I do, but I like to save money and I am not lazy enough to get everything from a package from the grocery store or pet store. And do NOT believe every hot button “story” posted on the internet!

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