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Why Would Anyone Feed Their Dog A Penis?

You Want To Feed Me WHAT?

Not to be believed.

I trusted you.

You’re my parent right?

I barely remember my dog mommy. She taught me lessons that last a life time.

But you are the one who loves me.

And I love you back so so much.

You have no idea.

I know you care about me.

But I want to ask you a favor.

It’s a little one.

Please study what’s in the food you give me.

When is says beef, you have to ask, “is it human grade.”

The big dog manufacturers don’t want to hear this question.

They want to feed me parts of animals you wouldn’t believe.

They want to feed me meat and by products from diseased animals.

I can’t read so well.

So I need you to check.

You may have seen a chew treat in Target recently.

And you figured, “my baby would like chewing on that.”

Don't Feed This To Your Dog

But you didn’t know the product was made from – excuse me – bull penises.


And the conditions in the plant weren’t good so fur babies could get salmonella poisoning by eating it.

I know you didn’t know this.

But today, you’ve got to be educated.

You’ve got to look beyond the label.

And don’t feed me any more bull penises.

Yiich. 🙁

Now, can you do me a favor?

Would you please click the like button or tweet these so other dog parents learn the truth?





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