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Woman Leaves Dog in Hot Car While She Goes Hiking

Image via Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Image via Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

A Marion County Sheriff’s Officer is credited with saving the life of a dog left inside a car for more than two hours, windows almost entirely rolled up, while temperatures soared and the dog’s owner went hiking.

According to a press release,

22 year old, Victoria Nguyen, of Beaverton was cited and released after leaving her dog locked in a vehicle while she went hiking at Silver Falls State Park last Sunday. When deputies arrived to help the dog, it was unresponsive and panting due to the 90 degree heat. Deputy Corey Larned attempted to locate the owner but after no luck he was able to unlock the doors via a slightly cracked window.

According to Deputy Larned he carried the dog to his patrol car where he placed the AC on high and provided the dog water. Deputy Larned stated that within minutes the dog was drinking water and back up on its feet.

Deputy Larned was finally able to locate Ms. Nguyen who stated she had gone hiking and left the dog inside of the vehicle after allowing it to go to the bathroom. It was estimated that the dog had been in the vehicle over two hours, parked in the direct sunlight, in 90 degree heat. Ms. Nguyen was cited and released for Animal Neglect II, a B misdemeanor.

Despite nearly killing her dog, it was returned to Ms. Nguyen’s custody.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, cracking the windows doesn’t cut it. Your car can become a death trap even on a mild sunny day–and can insidiously raise the car’s temperature to well above 120 degrees! Never, ever leave your pet inside the car. If Fido can’t come with you when you get out of the car, leave him or her at home.




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