Woman Visiting Long Island For A Funeral Dies Trying To Save Dog From House Fire

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A 60-year-old woman died in a raging house fire in Long Island after trying to save her dog on Tuesday, May 23.

The 60-year-old woman, Kashmira Patel, traveled to Long Island, along with seven other family members. They stayed at her mother’s split level home in Herricks, Nassau County ahead of her father’s funeral.

But now, the family has to prepare for another funeral as Kashmira Patel passed away trying to save her dog inside the burning house.

According to CBS News, the flames broke out around 3 in the morning. And Kashmira actually got her mother safely out the house and even made it to the door herself.

The victim’s niece, Khush Patel, said, “She was a devoted mom and a loving family member overall. She was very devoted to her religion, her parents, always first and the rest of her family as well.”

However, Kashmira decided to go back the burning house for her dog, as per ABC 7‘s report. And unfortunately, both Kashmira and her beloved pup didn’t make it out alive.

Khush Patel, said, “She went to get the dog, she considered her daughter so she went back.”

Firefighters reportedly tried to save Kashmira’s life but failed to do so.

Chief Fire Marshal Michael Utarro tells CBS News, “Both police officers and firefighters attempted to make an entry. It was untenable. The conditions were too fierce. The conditions were too far gone. They could not get into the house to go search for that missing person from the family,”

However, Kashmira’s family claimed that it took 20 minutes for the fire engines to arrive, with one of the hydrants not working at all.

“They are standing and watching, that’s it. It looked like the movies,” said Kashmira’s brother, Tarun Patel.

The Nassau County Fire Marshal claimed that the house was already collapsing due to the fire upon their arrival.

Currently, the exact cause of the fire is still unknown and an investigation is underway.

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