2 Juveniles Arrested After Dog Abuse Video Goes Viral on Facebook

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stldogabusefbTwo St. Louis County, Missouri juveniles were arrested and charged with animal abuse yesterday after a disturbing video of their horrific abuse to a young Pit Bull surfaced and quickly went viral on Facebook.

In the video, one young boy is seen throwing the puppy high into the air before slamming it down onto the ground and punching it repeatedly while his friend giggled behind the video camera.

The video was shared on the social media site thousands of times, while calls and emails to police and news stations poured in. News 4 reports that police arrested the boys immediately after the video was brought to their attention. Animal control has taken the dog into custody where she is being treated for injuries. Typically, dogs taken into custody through abuse cases are held during investigations. After the case is closed, the courts will determine the dog’s future.

Initial reports indicate the dog is doing well and should eventually be available for adoption.

“The County Police Department takes these incidents very seriously and we have a zero tolerance approach towards the inhumane treatment of animals,” said Officer Brian Schellman told News 4.

The Humane Society has proven that a correlation exists between animal abuse and other acts of violence. St. Louis County police expressed concern that the boys’ disregard for the well-being of the dog will translate into violent acts toward people.

The boys’ names and identities have not been released due to their age.

Please remember, if you see something, say something.

Warning: While the video below has been blurred to conceal the boys’ identities, some viewers may be disturbed by the abuse acts shown. View at your own risk.

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  1. Someone has got to recognize these kids and where they live! I’ll give $20 to whoever publishes their names and address! Everyone needs to be warned about these sick, psycho little SOB’s and their parents also! I’m all for marching them to the woods and shooting them in the head! The most they’re worth in this life is buzzard food!

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  3. Poor dog. The blame and hate should be directed towards the parents of these kids for raising them without being taught about how to love animals. I’m glad this video went viral and caught our attention because many of these abusive acts (and even worse) are not captured on camera but if we work hand in hand and do something, we can still save these helpless animals.

  4. It’s appalling that people are posting to treat these boys with the same abuse they showed this dog. Yes they should face charges and the parents should be looked into carefully. I have to wonder if these kids learned how to abuse animals and possibly others from their home environment. Not all abusers do but most come from abusive homes. I’m glad this dog is safe and I hope these boys will pay in some way for their actions. I also hope that if there is a chance that they can be rehabilitated that they are.

  5. The dog needs to be taken away from the house and a type of ban be put on these two so they cant purchase anymore dogs. Its ridiculous because if the dog would have bitten the kid then the dog would be put to sleep. No excuse for this behavior. This is what makes dogs mean.

  6. i hopr those kids get the book thew at them and then i hopr they get there ass kick just like they did to the puppy and i hope they get worse then what they did i hope people see these kids and throw rocks at themthey nned too bee punish to the severest degree.

  7. It has been shown time and time again that those who are abused are destined to abuse someone or some thing in the future. Unfortunately abuse is passed down from generation to generation. These boys abused an easy target,a poor helpless puppy.

  8. These boys start with small creatures and end with women and children. I can almost guarentee there is domestic violence in their homes. The boys mother who defended him should be very ashamed her child that she raised can do these things. These boys need help.
    Tragic that so many abuse animals and it’s a sign of the lack of nurture and empathy in these homes.

  9. I am so sickened by this. Juveniles hurting animals today become the serial killers of tomorrow. Their parents should be hung as well…

  10. I reported this as graphic violence after seeing it… I went to his page and he was all “gangster” on his FB page. There needs to be accountability for their actions. Kids who abuse helpless animals grow up to be abusers, murders… I pray they pay for their actions and the parents need to be held accountable too… I could not believe what he had posted on his FB page and that has to be only the tip of the iceberg.

  11. So sad… another thing gets to me, they don’t or not allowed to give their names or show their faces, but yet they do these awful things. If their old enough to do such things, they should be shown to the world how EVIL THEY ARE. AND, the parents shouldn’t be spared the showing, and letting the people know who they are, and who these idiots belong to.. Geeeezzz. Beat the dummass kids..