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Deputies Responding to Wrong Address Shoot, Kill Family Dog

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San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies responding to a domestic disturbance call visited the wrong address where they shot and killed an innocent family’s 11-year old dog.

When police, admittedly confused over which was the right home, approached the residence, they noticed the entire property surrounded by fencing and, thinking there might be dogs present, rattled the fence before entering the yard.

At first, they were met with two small dogs, but as they continued toward the house were approached by Buddy, the Blackmore family’s 11-year old Husky/Lab mix.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Lt. Brad Toms said the large dog approached the deputies aggressively.

“When the larger dog came out, he was aggressive and barked at the deputies continuing toward them,” he explained to NBC4. In an audio recording of the incident released by investigators, a dog can be heard barking several times before a single gunshot is heard.

The deputies involved in Buddy’s death will not face disciplinary action and remain on patrol.

After the shooting, the officers responded to the correct home and arrested 42-year-old Stephanie Roper on suspicion of grand theft auto and narcotics violations.



  1. Pat Schreiber

    Apr 4, 2017 at 8:47 am

    With reference to the Duputies who went to the wrong

  2. DAN

    Jun 9, 2016 at 7:13 am

    Gun happy cops! That so-called officer should be disarmed and placed on cro9sswalk duty at the elementary school. If he was armed he’d probably shoot a kid who looked ‘aggressive’.

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