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Hero Dog Saves Sleeping Family From House Fire

A beloved family dog is being credited with saving the life of her human family when fire broke out inside their home while everyone was sleeping.

Matt Beaudreau told FOX2 that around 2 a.m. Sunday morning the family dog, River, started barking. Beaudreau took her outside to “do her business.” Matt said he thought he smelled something weird, but, after looking around and finding nothing out of the ordinary, went back to bed.

About 15 minutes later, River began barking again. This time, Matt’s and his wife, Laura, both got up. By now, the weird smell was stronger and they could definitely tell something was burning.

They quickly searched the house and, when they opened the door to the garage, found flames and smoke billowing into their South St. Louis County, Missouri home. They quickly gathered their 3 children – two of which were sleeping in a basement bedroom right by the garage. By the time they made it outside, the fire had spread to the front porch.

Beaudreau said the family has several smoke detectors inside the home that eventually went off, but that the family’s hero, their dog River, “went off first.” Had they waited for the smoke alarms, it very likely would have been too late.

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