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The Rescue Becomes the Rescuer: Hero Beagle Likely Saved Elderly Neighbor’s Life

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A rescued Beagle named Milo became a hero last month when he heard an elderly neighbor’s cries for help and rushed to save her.


Makayla Swift adopted Milo the Beagle was about a year ago from Humane Rescue Alliance.

When Swift opened her front door to take Milo for a walk on November 4, the Beagle bolted, heading across the street to neighboring homes.

Milo rushed to the home of 85-year old neighbor, Sherry Starr. He began barking loudly, frantically scratching and pawing at her front and side doors. When Makayla caught up to Milo, she was embarrassed by his strange behavior and tried to drag the dog away from the neighbor’s house. That’s when she heard very faint cries for help coming from inside the home and called 911.

Many hours earlier, at about 4:00 in the morning, Starr thought she’d heard a knock at the door. Rather than opening the front door to strangers, especially at such an unusual hour, Starr typically peers from an upstairs bathroom window. But on this early morning, there was no one there at the door. When she turned to return to bed, Starr slipped on the tile floor, hit her head, and fell hard.

Starr tried to get up, but in the fall, she’d become wedged between the toilet and the bathtub.

“I’m thinking: I’m just going to die here,” she told The Washington Post. She yelled for help, eventually hoping that when the mail carrier arrived that afternoon, he would hear her cries.

Although Starr yelled for help for several hours, Makayla Swift said she couldn’t hear a thing until she was right at her neighbor’s front door.

But apparently Milo had heard the cries and did what he could to help.

After Swift called 911, EMTs arrived to help Starr, who was bruised but otherwise unharmed—thanks to Milo.

“When this dog sensed that his vulnerable neighbor needed urgent help, he led his guardian straight to her doorstep,” said PETA Vice President Colleen O’Brien.

Upon hearing the story PETA awarded Milo with their Heroic Dog Award and a gift basket full of toys and treats.

“PETA hopes this story inspires people to consider adopting an animal from their local shelter, where so many clever, loving, and tenacious dogs like Milo are waiting for a family to join.”

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