INFOGRAPHIC: Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

Thanksgiving is a time of love and laughter, of family and friends, of being thankful, and of course, for stuffing ourselves silly with a smorgasbord of Turkey Day treats!

That said, if your family and friends includes the four-legged variety, make sure the only foods they eat this Thanksgiving are healthy and safe. Lurking within that pumpkin pie is a deadly danger for your dog.

Use our handy-dandy infographic as a reminder for yourself and your houseguests on what’s safe (and what’s not!) for your dog to eat.

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  1. Maybe read the whole thing again. For those who keep arguing that their dog has eaten whatever for whatever amount of years. There are lots of things that dogs can eat! Why risk the tears and money as you watch the euthenasia needle slide in because you took that risk? Pancreatitis cost a couple grand as you watch your dog of IVs for a few days. The lil guys(especially under 10lbs) have very fragile systems. As a groomer of 22 years I have way too many tragic loss stories that could have been prevented.

    • Well said. I had a doxie that got pancreatitis from just a ‘lick’ of something she shouldn’t have had. She died a few months later from what I believe was trauma as a result of the treatment that she had to have. That was almost 14 yrs ago and I still feel guilty about it. I try to tell family & friends to avoid giving their pets things that could make them sick but they don’t listen. Why take the chance? The financial and emotional toll is too great!

    • We had an older dog develop “chronic” Pancreatitis after raiding the trash for roasted chicken remains. It is NOT fun, for you or your pet. His digestive tract was off and he would have repeated bouts when-ever given some foods (not necessarily fatty ones). Have a responsible adult or older teen play with the pets while preparing the feast and afterwards for the clean-up to keep them out of harm’s way.

  2. We often share a little of our food with our dog (manfred, the wonder dog) We figure it makes him feel more like part of the pack if he shares in the pack food supply but we are very careful and try to keep up with what is good for dogs and what is not. checking every article we see on what is good or bad for them. Interesting about nuts. Whood a thunk nuts are bad for dogs, but we never gave him those anyway.. Thank goodness.

  3. I don’t get it, why would anyone want to give their dog things they really shouldn’t have anyhow, garlic pizza, nuts, etc., just feed him what he is supposed to have period, seems to me it will save alot of guessing, and heartbreak. Our Beagle, is fed what the vet recommended, and once in a while a little dog treat, NO table food at all, glad to say he is a healthy 4 year old Beagle, happy and full of energy. We want to lengthen his life as long as we can!

    • If going to feed a dog what they are meant to eat then stop buying commercial food.. raw fed is the way they are suppose to eat.. Not that processed stuff filled with useless carbs.. protein is what they need..

  4. I’ve had dogs all my life and I’m a very senior citizen. I have fed my dogs just about everything, before we ever learned what can kill them. Raw cabbage, various nuts, walnuts mostly on a daily basis, grapes, raw veggies of all kinds, ice-cream, potato chips, turkey, spaghetti with tomato sauce, chocolate chip cookies, and on and on—before learning about some things not to give them. Likewise, in my youth our dogs got table scraps daily. I don’t think they even made dogfood in the 1930’s!!!!!!! My dogs all lived to be a ripe old age, healthy all the way..

    My only pet that died at a young age, was my miniature schnauzer, Freddie. He was 10 yrs. old and finally I had him put to sleep 2 years ago, after about 6 months of various illnesses. It started with breathing problems never diagnosed?????, kidney stones, stomach upsets and finally leukemia. My Freddie got everything available for dogs. All the recommended shots, flea/tick control, heart worm medicine, every shot every year. He started getting sick, (in retrospect) after I treated him with those yummie chicken jerky poisons made in China!!! And besides all this he got dog food as the main part of his intake. I was thinking that dog food was the best for him in our progressive world of inventions.

    Since Freddie died I firmly believe that dogs don’t need all that crap, immunizations galore, flea, heart worm control, etc. etc. No wonder dogs live shorter lives. I’ve researched a lot and now feed them raw chicken, naturalistic dog food (like Paul Newman stuff) and use common sense about the walnuts that my baby schnauzer loves and minced raw veggies and so on. Moderation and sensible variations along with steady and stable regular food. I would keep them on raw diets completely but it is a huge commitment and unfortunately too complicated at this time of my life.

    The only time my baby schnauzer vomits, is when she eats too much rabbit or bird poop when we go walking in the park every day. She’s sneaky about it. I can’t always catch her in time!!!

    Good luck to all of you with your babies.

  5. They make dog food and cat food for a reason. People food can even kill people. Just because it didn’t bother one dog or another means nothing. Why chance something which is so fatally experimental on your 4 footed kids? Not to forget…dog and cat food can kill dogs and cats. Talk to your vet and stick to a plan. Nobody is perfect but a little mistake or an animal breaking into garbage can ultimately be fatal. Just use caution.
    PS Did anyone think that “Their balls” was NOT a mistake? Too funny. LOL

  6. Think everyone! I see people post “oh I’ve given my dogs _____ and not one ever died from it” posts everywhere! THINK! Certain foods can kill your dog or can kill your dog over time! We all love our animals and want the longest and healthiest life for them! SO… remember that your dog is not starving so giving them certain foods will not distress them. In fact lots of love or hugs and attention is just as good as a treat to them! Here is a list from the ASPCA of foods that hurt your pets. If you’ve given your dogs ANY of these foods count yourself lucky that it wasn’t an expensive mistake and your dog is alive today. Also remember that renal failure can slowly happen and in your dog’s old age you may have extra expenses because their kidneys are failing but that gets explained away as old age. BUT if you didn’t feel your dog certain foods over the years, your dog may never had suffered from kidney issues in their old age! If you’re not sure about certain foods, best not to feed it to your dog. You don’t want to see them sick and they won’t mysteriously die if you don’t give it to them in the first place!

    Enjoy all the upcoming holidays everyone! :)

  7. This website desperately needs moderated comments. I clicked on this link from a friend’s posting of it on facebook and am completely shocked at all of the bashing and foul language. Apparently some dog owners are just like their dogs, fundamentally unpredictable wild animals we choose to allow to be a part of our civilization and call “domesticated.”

  8. Garlic? Why do the vets sell garlic and brewers yeast tablets? Also my dog eats garlic, onions, last year he ate two bags of Christmas stocking candy chocolate santas, marshmellows peeps…a whole bag of shelled nuts, and a full mcdonalds frappe. He will eat anything that you leave “out” The other dogs eat deer poop… But any kind of chicken even chicken and rice in their foods for all 3 of my dogs causes vomitting… Point being I think each dog is an individual…

  9. How about you feed your dog a good quality dog food and no human food then you wont have to worry about it! Concerned? CALL A VETERINARIAN!!!!!

  10. Your dog Can NOT talk, so stop being so damned stupid!—if there’s even the remote chance that these types of foods may upset your pet’s tummy, Then DON’T give it to them. Plus, animals aren’t like humans whining about every little ache & discomfort. They hide their pain very well until it’s too late, and medical intervention is needed.

    So for those lame idiots who say, “I’ve given my dogs blah-blah-blah all their life-blah, blah, blah….”—–I’d say please shut your pie hole, you’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

    Some people here act like they’ve put themselves through medical school and have the same qualifications as those in the veterinary field.
    To those wanna-be experts: Please, do everyone a favor and quit dispensing your “simpleton” advice.

  11. Onions can be extremely dangerous. My little dog got a scant amount from the residue on a food tray. By the time we made it to the vet her tongue was grey and she was barely breathing. It took the vet several hours to get her stable and she hasn’t been the same since. To anyone who thinks this list is overkill, keep in mind that while it may not make them sick every time it only takes one time to kill them. Chocolate is deadly for dogs, but I know dogs who have gotten ahold of chocolate and never suffered ill effects, but I don’t want to take that risk with my pets.

  12. Can’t believe some of the ridiculous comments on here! Read what it says & take notice! It doesn’t say ever dog WILL die, it says they CAN die! Some dogs mite eat all these things & be ok but r u willing to take that chance again???? I know for a fact these things CAN KILL! It’s something to b aware of & look out for. Don’t take the chance, just because u have given it b4 doesn’t mean it’s not gonna kill ur dog this time!!!!!

  13. Finally a pet website that will post Nutmeg as poisonous for dogs .. and it is sooooo true and it does not take much at all .. i made the mistake of giving my 20 pound Jack Russell about a pea size bite of pumpkin pie .. and he had hives all over him .. he looked like a old dog that was riddled with cancer .. it scared me so bad .. i got him through the weekend with allergy pills but it took a few days for them to go down .. i had no idea they were allergic to it until my husband looked it up .. and now when ever pumpkin pie or anything with nutmeg is served in my house i tell all people and even remind my kids to be careful not to drop any of the pie . once you see it you will always make sure to be careful .. Trust me it don’t take much to hurt them

    • Oh my god. The infographic wasn’t much help, but this was. Thank you. My lab pup got some mysterious hives the day after thanksgiving, with her eye completely swollen shut. And as we treat our dogs like each other scraps went to both of our dogs, but strangely our pitbull did not get any pie. So our poor lab has the hives. She’ll get better in a few days. Thank you so much

    • Oh nutmeg is scary .. trust me i know first hand .. and i had no idea that it affected them at all .. if it happens to your dog you will freak it is pretty bad .. im so glad this website posted Nutmeg i think this is the first one that ive seen that has ..

  14. I’m astonished by some of the comments here. It’s almost as though some of you have a fetish about being able to feed your dogs certain things. The number of you who are arguing over whether such-and-such food is 100% fatal or only 10% fatal, or whether it’s fatal 20% of the time or only extremely painful 70% of the time, is mindblowing. If something has a significant risk of making your dog uncomfortable or worse–even if you’ve fed it to your dog before and it doesn’t happen to have caused an immediate problem at the time–then don’t feed it to your damn dog!

    I swear, it’s like saying, “I gave my three-year-old a cigarette a couple of times and he hasn’t gotten sick yet and many people who smoke lead full lives so I’m just gonna keep giving him cigarettes.”