VIDEO: Abandoned Dog’s Amazing Transformation Will Melt Your Heart

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When a Compton family moved away more than a year ago, they left behind a most precious boy.

He learned to adapt, to find food on the streets. He learned that humans were to be feared. It was, after all, a human that did this to him.

Luckily for frightened little Theo, Eldad Hagar and Annie Hart from Hope for Paws came to the rescue. They didn’t give up on him.

From a terrified, dreadlocked street dog, to a happy, playful – and most importantly, LOVED little boy, the resilient and inspiring Theo will break your heart and make it whole again.

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When I adopted my shepherd mix, Molly, from a local shelter 12 years ago, I had no idea the impact she would have on my life. Through Molly, I've learned to be more patient, experienced unconditional love, been alerted to the mailman and every squirrel within a block radius of the house, and ingested enough fur to build 3 or 4 more dogs! When I lost Molly to cancer just a few months ago, I adopted Olive, a 13 week old Golden Retriever. Together, we smile at least a hundred times a day!


  1. Amazes me how anyone could leave behind an animal to fend for themselves. This happen in my neighborhood with a Boston Terrier. It came to our house and was playing with our dog. I found out that the owners had left him. I called the animal shelter and they ask me if I could find him a good home, or I could turn him in to them. I found him a good home and he lived there for 13 years until he died last month. He was so loved by this family and he loved them until the day he died.