What IS a Puggle?

So what in the doggy world is a Puggle? This is one of the growing “breeds” of designer canines achieved by cross breeding a purebred Beagle with a pure bred Pug. The popularity of this unique canine has become all the rage with dog owners, and for many good reasons. The fine characteristics of both breeds have been combined to produce a very friendly, spirited, and playful dog many people are actively seeking for a companion.

Purebred Pugs are expensive dogs, and while you might really desire one for a pet, financial constraints often mean foregoing the purchase. Beagles, while also expensive if you purchase a pup from championship linage, are usually a lot more reasonably priced. When the two breeds are combined you end up with a dog at a very affordable price. The end result is a dog that has the calm, laid back manner of a Pug, with the stout physical characteristics of the Beagle breed.

The dogs are small in stature as you might expect, yet are not like so many other small dogs concerning their aggressiveness and feisty temperament. This is what has really caught the attention of those seeking a small dog for a house dog. They also are the perfect dog for those who live in small homes or apartments. The elderly as well as young children are able to cope with this new designer dog quite well.

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