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What IS a Puggle?

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So what in the doggy world is a Puggle? This is one of the growing “breeds” of designer canines achieved by cross breeding a purebred Beagle with a pure bred Pug. The popularity of this unique canine has become all the rage with dog owners, and for many good reasons. The fine characteristics of both breeds have been combined to produce a very friendly, spirited, and playful dog many people are actively seeking for a companion.

Purebred Pugs are expensive dogs, and while you might really desire one for a pet, financial constraints often mean foregoing the purchase. Beagles, while also expensive if you purchase a pup from championship linage, are usually a lot more reasonably priced. When the two breeds are combined you end up with a dog at a very affordable price. The end result is a dog that has the calm, laid back manner of a Pug, with the stout physical characteristics of the Beagle breed.

The dogs are small in stature as you might expect, yet are not like so many other small dogs concerning their aggressiveness and feisty temperament. This is what has really caught the attention of those seeking a small dog for a house dog. They also are the perfect dog for those who live in small homes or apartments. The elderly as well as young children are able to cope with this new designer dog quite well.

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  1. Avatar Of Pets For All Pets For All says:

    The Puggle is not a purebred dog. It is a hybrid that was created by mating a Pug with a Beagle hence Puggles. I am also a blogger provides information, tips regarding adopting a Puggle, cats etc.

  2. Avatar Of Stacey



    Did I read 12-15 lbs? They are bigger than that. My 2 are over 30 lbs each. Most I see are 20+ lbs. Awesome dogs!!!

  3. Avatar Of Kat Shea

    Kat Shea


    Puggles are not 12-15 lbs. I would say they average around 20-25 lbs.

  4. Avatar Of Sharon Baskevic

    Sharon Baskevic


    My adorable five year old puggle, Roxie, is an absolute joy! She loves to play and is a cuddly pup who always wants to be touching her human family. She sits on my feet when I am doing the dishes! She gets along very well with the other dogs in the house and when my children visit with their dogs, she is very social with them too. Love my puggle!!

  5. Avatar Of Tanya



    It’s unfortunate that you mention the expense of buying, but not once mention adopting a dog in need. There are purebred Pugs, purebred Beagles and Puggles in just about every major shelter in the US. Newton, my Puggle, was rescued from a shelter in Newcastle, OK, and is the best, most mild-mannered boy ever. **Adopt, don’t shop!!**

    • Avatar Of Jacky Rosen

      Jacky Rosen


      I adopted my 28 lb., 1 year old Puggle (Little Man) at my local (Rock Hill, NY)SPCA. He was one of MANY rescued pups brought up from TN. He came with the name Winchester because he had been shot in the ankle as a very young dog! He is adorable, extreamly intellegent, EXTREAMLY active and anything but subdued. He exudes personality and everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is the love of my life! To say he LOVES squeeky and chew toys is an understatement; he has jaws of steel! I’m continually searching for toys he can’t “eat” and extra large Kongs are about it! I tried moose antler…. even ordered one rated for dogs 2x his size but still have to limit him to 1 hour at a time or he chews them up too! As I am physically disabled he’s lucky I have a large fenced-in yard (and a dog-door that affords him anytime access)so he has plenty of oppertunity to exercise throughout the day.

  6. Avatar Of Kathi Presutti

    Kathi Presutti


    Our puggle is adorable, and we are often stopped on the street and asked about our “handsome” dog! He is very energetic, and needs a lot of exercise, but very social and lovable. We actually found him in a shelter, and so glad he is in his forever home!

  7. Avatar Of George Chase

    George Chase


    You forgot to mention that sometimes the beagle howl shows up, and the as long as the puggle got the pug brain, you’re OK. Pugs are VERY intelligent dogs.

  8. Avatar Of Gabriella



    Y four year old Puggle Daisy is simply the best! She has the sweetest little personality (always looking to give kisses). She is a chubby one-30+ pounds (she should be about 25).

    I would reccomend a Puggle to anyone wanting a smaller dog without the small dog ‘attitude’.

  9. Avatar Of Michele Beasley

    Michele Beasley


    I have a Pugalier which is a cross between a pure bred Pug and Cavalier King Charles. She’s a little smaller than a Puggle but has the best of both breeds and lacks the health issues that a Pub and Cavalier King Charles has. Her snout isn’t pushed in which stops a lot of the respiratory issues associated with a Pug. She is sweet and very playful.

  10. Avatar Of Sue



    I’ve fed my dog grapes for 17 yrs, she loves to play catch with them. Also during flea season I add garlic powder to her food to keep fleas away, as per her vet..so this info is quite contradictory, especially seeing how she didn’t have any adverse health effects from either.

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