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10 Famous Artists & the Pets that Inspired Their Success

It’s no secret we’re obsessed with our doggos here at Dogington Post, but did you know many famous artists were as equally obsessed with their furry counterparts?

famous artists
Andy Warhol, between 1966 and 1977. Image: Andy Warhol by Jack Mitchell/Wikipedia

It’s true, everyone from Andy Warhol to Ernest Hemingway had a beloved pet (or two or three) who inspired their works and acted as their best friends. Some were more obscure (along with Mexican hairless dogs, Frida Kahlo had a fawn, monkeys, parakeets, and many more), while others were loyal pups that followed them to interviews, photoshoots, and appeared in many of their famous works.

Invaluable created a fun infographic on famous artists and their iconic pets and how each served as inspiration for their masterpieces. See how their furry friends brought them life, love, and most importantly, cute subject matter!

famous artists

Much like the creatives above, the love, companionship, and beauty of a pet has the ability to inspire creativity in all forms. So, the next time you’re in need of a little creative kick, turn to your four-legged companions for inspiration, just like the greats did!


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