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Fun & Fascinating Facts About the Most Famous Dogs in Movie History

Since moving pictures first graced the silver screen, yes even before movies had sound, man’s best friend became a star of the big screen. In fact, some of the most beloved movie stars of all time were four-legged and furry!

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They might be animated, live-action, the hero, or the villain, but they’re all memorable. Check out some of the most famous dogs in movie history. Can you name them all?

First up, this German Shepherd was rescued from a World War I battlefield before becoming an international silent film star!

His first starring role came in the 1923 film, Where The North Begins in which he played a wolf. In total, the German Shepherd went on to appear in 27 Hollywood films and countless endorsement deals. In fact, he received the most votes for Best Actor in the 1929 Academy Awards, but because he was a dog, was not given the prize.

Can you name this famous movie dog? Click NEXT to find out!

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