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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bichon Frise Dogs

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The Bichon Frise are cute, fluffy dogs that are not only popular, but amazingly unique. Do you own a Bichon or plan on buying one? Or just want to know more about this interesting breed? Read on to learn about what makes this breed unique, and why you’d want to check your priorities before buying one!


Fact #1: The name is pronounced in French

The proper way to pronounce this breed, according to Merriam-Webster, is bee-shon free-zay. Fancy right? But ironically…

They Were Originally Used As Sailing Dogs In Spain

Fact #2: They were originally used as sailing dogs in Spain

Although their name sounds French, Spaniards used them as ship dogs. They flourished on the Island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. 

They Dont Like Water Too Much

Fact #3: They don’t like water too much

Despite them being used as sailing dogs before, they are not bred to be water dogs. So they may not enjoy water as much as other breeds like retrievers. 

They Dont Bark Often

Fact #4: They don’t bark often

Unlike Siberian Huskies that are notorious for their barking and howling, Bichon don’t bark so much. This makes them great pets if you live in an apartment. Don’t expect them to be good guard dogs though! 

Theyre Great Travel Companions

Fact #5: They’re great travel companions

Because of their history and the fact that they don’t bark so much makes them great furry friends for you to bring around on your travels.

Theyre Considered Hypoallergenic

Fact #6: They’re considered hypoallergenic

This breed has a unique coat that’s double-layered, making them hypoallergenic. Yes, they shed, but release less dander compared to other breeds too. So if you have a sensitive nose but want to own a dog, this Bichon Frise may be for you. 

Theyre High Maintenance Dogs

Fact #7: They’re high-maintenance dogs

Their fluffy, white coat makes them a high-maintenance dog because they need to constantly be brushed and groomed. There’s no doubt that they’re cute dogs, but you need to have enough time to maintain them if you want to own one. 

The Longest Living Bichon Frise Was 19 Years Old

Fact #8: The longest living Bichon Frise was 19 years old

Smaller dogs have a longer life expectancy compared to bigger breeds. Bichon Frise have a life expectancy of 17 years! This will depend on the environment as well, however. The longest living Bichon Frise was found in North America.

Theyre Always White

Fact #9: They’re always white

All Bichon Frises are completely white. They may have specs of apricot, buff or cream by the ears, but their bodies are all white. They have no other colors or patterns.

They Are The Subject Of Many Famous Artists

Fact #10: They are the subject of many famous artists

These dogs were widely famous in France and Italy before that they were painted by many famous artists such as Albrecht Dürer and Auguste Renoir. 

And there you have it! Which fact shocked you the most?
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