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10 Useful Websites and Apps Every Pet Lover Should Know

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Today’s advancing technology has helped people in so many ways, from the ease of doing chores and work to making communications faster from people all over the world.

Technology has also contributed greatly in how we take care of our pets now. The pet industry continues to grow because more and more people turn into fur-parents (or furrents) and prioritize their pet’s health and happiness over their own. Pet owners only want the best for their furry companions, and the industry knows this.


With new trends and innovations constantly popping up, there is no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Today, there are several pet-specific apps and social networking sites that you can access using your MacBooks to help you share, connect, learn, and adopt the next member of your family.

Here are some of them for you to check out, whether you are using a laptop, smartphone, and other new or refurbished electronics:

Petzbe is an Instagram-like app that is designed to let your pet connect with other pets worldwide. In this social network, pets (with help from their humans, of course) can join themed photo challenges and fundraising events via the “Lend a Paw” photo-sharing event that happens once a month.

Petzbe is a must for pet lovers who want to join an active and fun community, view and share adorable photos of other animals, and participate in pet-related charities.  Petzbe is available for iOS and Android users.

BarkHappy is a location-based app for dog lovers. The app is designed to help users find and connect with other dog parents in their community. Users can check out dog-friendly spots on its interactive map, schedule play dates and events, and report lost or found dogs.

On top of this, the app provides product offers, daily matches, and other features and services for pet owners so they can do more activities with their furbabies. BarkHappy is available for iOS users.

Catster and Dogster
Catster is the ideal social networking site for cat parents. It offers a slew of resources to use, including information on cat behavior, health care, breeds, and more. While its sister site, Dogster, is a goldmine of information about dogs thanks to its several articles and videos. Users can learn more about dog health care, puppy training, dog breeds, and so on.

The social and community aspects of both Catster and Dogster are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where users can ask questions, share stories and photos/videos, and interact with other pet parents.

Tagg is the accompanying mobile app of the Tagg GPS tracker that allows users to easily monitor their pets when they are out of the house. The tracker is attached to the pet’s collar.In case your pet runs away, you can view its location and get directions on how to get there on your mobile device.

You’ll also receive notifications if and when he or she does get out. The app also lets you track your pet’s activity levels.

BringFido is a mobile app that helps pet owners look for pet-friendly hotels, beaches, parks, and even restaurants and events in their areas. The app was designed for dog owners, but it can also be used even if you have other types of pets.

Pet First Aid
Pet First Aid allows pet owners to know their pets’ condition and if they need to rush to the veterinarian. The app provides access to resources such as articles and videos that teaches furrents how to care for their pets in situations such as choking and other emergencies. You can also input your pet’s medical information to have at hand when going to the vet.

Fido Pet Adoptions
If you are looking to adopt a pet but unsure where or how, Fido Pet Adoptions can help you. This app features over 300,000 pet listings in the United States and Canada. Search through the numerous categories if you are looking for cats, dogs, reptiles, small animals, barn animals, and others.

You can narrow the search further by indicating the breed, color, size, or gender of the animal you want to adopt. Once you have found the pet that you will shower with love, you can contact the shelter from the app and even share the happy union with friends.

The Pet Pal
If babies have babysitters, why not pets? The Pet Pal is more suited for fur-parents who are looking for pet sitters for the day. Simply enter all of your pets’ vital information, such as birth dates, feeding and walking schedules, vet appointments, and events, and share the info with the pet sitter via email.

You can also include the pet’s insurance information, contact details of the vet, pet sitters’ number, shelters’ contacts, and other relevant numbers. The app helps users find nearby pet stores, vet clinics, and other establishments.

If your pet is more on the overweight side and the vet has advised you to help them lose a few pounds, Petometer can help you do so. Boost your pet’s health by tracking its exercise sessions and walk history.

You can also set reminders through the app to know when it’s time to work out and find recommended exercises for you and your pet to do together. If you have multiple pets, you can simply create a profile for each of them.

Petplan is an insurance provider specifically for dogs and cats. They provide policies that cover the costs of treatment for illnesses and injuries, from hospitalization due to a critical condition to surgery to repair a broken bone. Petplan can cover a specific amount for each type of illness.

Unlike some insurance companies, Petplan does not restrict you from using the services of a specific affiliated doctor.

Rely on technology for your pets’ needs

Whether you are looking to adopt a new pet, connect with other pet parents, or services that cater to your beloved pets’ needs, there is an app and website for that. After all, as a good pet guardian, your pet deserves only the best!

About the Author: Silke Putscher
Silke is an officer at Macs4u, a Minnesota-based company dedicated to delivering the best value in pre-owned Apple Macintosh computers. She is also an avid animal lover who advocates for the welfare of no-kill and high save rate shelters.

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