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18 Problem-Solving Products on Amazon That Dog Parents Can’t Live Without

“This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.”

Sharing your home with a dog is unquestionably one of the greatest things you’ll ever do. But, that doesn’t mean pet-parenthood doesn’t come with it’s own set of challenges.

Whether you’re in a losing battle with dog hair, concerned about scratches to your doors, hoping to safely repel pests, or just looking for fun ways to make life easier, more comfortable, or more fun, we’ve rounded up our favorite 18 problem-solving products for dog owners on Amazon.

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We hope you’ll love the products on this list as much as we do! They were all independently selected by the dog parents on our team. This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking them, we may get a small commission. The Dogington Post is dedicated to finding the best products for dogs and we will never recommend a product that we don’t use with our own fur-family.

1. This heavy duty door shield that prevents dogs from clawing, scratching, and damaging doors and door frames and is amazingly easy to install.

Review: Highly highly recommend this product to protect door. My golden retriever puppy is about 90 pounds. Ever since he was a tiny puppy, he learned to potty train by scratching at the door to let us know. Fast forward 14 months and the little puppy scratches have turned into HUGE gouges with his nails down all my oak wooden doors. Pretty much every stained oak door in my downstairs (and all my doors are oak) have HUGE scratch marks visible in the light from his scratching to get in and out of a room. For awhile, before knowing this product existed, I cut and taped huge areas of the doors that he scratched the most with cardboard. My house looked like a homeless shelter. Then I read about this product and ordered 3. Two for entrance doors and one for garage doors. They easily hang on doorknob and can be easily cut with a scissor to the exact width needed for the door. The rough side makes a noise when they scratch or you can flip it to have the smooth side face out. In any event, it is long and wide enough to protect the bottom to 1/2 way up the door (the parts that are most easily scratched). There has been no further damage to the doors since I hung these. They can be easily removed when company comes. I WISH I knew of this about 12 months ago because I could have prevented a TON of scratch marks down my doors and probably wouldn’t have to invest a huge sum of money one day to have them all sanded and refinished. HIGHLY recommend for dogs that scratch and ruin doors/moldings. – Amazon Customer

Price: $29.95

2. This perfect fit harness that finally puts an end to your dog pulling and tugging on the leash without the use of pain or intimidation.

Review: I ordered this harness a couple of days ago after coming home from a horrendous walk in tears. He just… broke me. I thought I was finally going to resort a prong/choke collar, and the failure sank heavy in my chest. I’ve been working with my dog consistently for TWO YEARS to no avail. I’ve used every positive training trick I possibly could to get him to walk with me on a loose leash. I sought advice from my usual go-to gurus, following Zak George tips, Kikopup tips, Reddit tips and more. I taught him a command to be at my side, used super high value treats, did the changing direction thing, and tried applying clicker training. We practiced on countless occasions in the living room, around the (fenced) back yard, and up and down the driveway. NOTHING WORKED… Do yourself a favor and consider this harness if you have a puller. My palms have been so raw and my back/shoulders so sore… I cannot believe I didn’t purchase this sooner. I won’t use the gentle leaders and my sister-in-law reported failure with her two no-pull type harnesses, so I thought I was out of options. But this was like walking a different dog. He actually stopped when he reached the end of the leash. He didn’t choke himself. He didn’t knock me off my feet. HE FREAKING STOPPED. You have no idea how huge that was!! He knew full well the concept of “only a loose leash will result in forward motion” from many other collars and harnesses, but this time he actually applied it!!! Like, for real for real. By the end he was truly walking as if he was the somewhat civilized canine that he otherwise is. ASTOUNDING! -Spudly

Price: $39.56

3. This Pet Stain and Odor Remover that actually works to eliminate stains and odors instead of just covering them up.

Review: This product is awesome. I have small dogs that are difficult to housebreak. I also had a large dog who continued to pee on the furniture because of the smell from the smaller dogs. I tried everything from vinegar to baking soda and deodorizer. Nothing worked. I could constantly smell urine. They I read the reviews on this product and thought I would give it a try. It’s amazing if you follow the directions. My house no longer smells of dog urine. You can literally watch it pulling the urine out of the carpet. I plan on keeping a bottle of Unique in my house at all times and would recommend it to anyone. – Barbara F.

Price: $20.99

4. This bully stick holder that securely holds your dog’s favorite chewy treat so it doesn’t become a choking hazard.

Review: I am very happy with the large size bully buddy. I have a very aggressive chewer who learned that, as she chewed her bully stick down, I would take the end (to keep her from choking on it) so she began to swallow larger & larger pieces whole. I could not let her have a bully stick without constant supervision. With the Bully Buddy, I can let her take the bully stick wherever she prefers to chew on it, and leave it with her until she walks away. Because she knows I’m not going to take it away until she abandons it, she has started chewing them slower & enjoying them more. I wish I had purchased this long ago – it has been game changer for me. – S. Ballard

Price: $23.95

5. This ant repellent pouch that safely (and naturally) keeps ants away from your dog’s food and treats without the use of poisons or pesticides.

Screen Shot 2020 10 12 At 12.10.40 Am

Review: WOW, here in California tiny ants are a huge problem in kitchens and when they make a highway across the house. This stuff really really works. I have not seen a single ant and I have pet food down on the floor 24/7. Used to be if there was even one speck or morsel or crumb I would be inundated. It has an odd but not unpleasant odor that even I (hate odors) can tolerate and now I don’t notice it. granted so far I only have one in the kitchen. It was too smelly on the counter so I put it on the floor in a corner and still not a single ant! Bravo! – Paloma D.

Price: $9.99

6. This cordless nail grinder that makes it quick and easy to give a great paw-dicure to dogs that hate having their nails trimmed.

Review: Very quiet nail grinder, arrived fully charged and seems to have a long battery life. Delivery was quick. This is a great nail grinder if you’re new to doing your dog’s nails. When paired with positive reinforcement it’s super easy to get your dog to lay still for nails. – Amanda S.

This works great for my dogs nails as he is 65 lb. and I hated using clippers for fear of getting too close, but with the nail grinder getting too close to the nerve ending is not an issue. – Amazon Customer

Price: $47.10

7. This adorable and durable dog toy with an ultrasonic squeaker that only dogs can hear—no more incessant squeaking in the background!

Review: My big bad 90-lb German Shepherd loves this thing! He plays with it constantly but hasn’t “killed” it yet: the stuffing is still intact, the squeaker still squeaks (more on that in a second) and all the decorations (the scales, arms, and tail) are still attached. That is a record for a stuffed toy in our house. The squeaker is BRILLIANT. It’s is very nearly silent—all we (humans) hear is a breathy sort of squish noise. My dog, however, is clearly hearing something else and he squeaks it repeatedly. No annoying squeaking sound!!! I thought the gator was the cutest of this line of toys but I will definitely buy a replacement of any variety once this one has passed on. A fantastic idea and a great toy! – Cyd

Price: $12.99

8. This wifi pet camera that makes it easy to check in on your dog from anywhere with high-def video and two-way audio, PLUS lets you toss a treat to the very good boy or girl!

Review: Petcube Bites is exactly what I was looking for. We have to leave our dog in a bedroom of the house for around 3-4 hours a day due to work. We make sure to keep the room full of toys and things to play with, but we wanted a way to monitor the dogs activity in the room. I found PetCube Bites and now have the ability to monitor the dog…but ALSO throw treats out when ever I want! The setup was easy, the instructions were simple and my wife and I can now check on the dog whenever we want. You can also talk to your animal through the speaker and hear any response they may have for you. This is all done through their free app. It really is a simple process that anyone can figure out. –Mikey

Price: $199.99

9. This cat food dish that even the craftiest food-stealing dog can’t get into.

Review: They really thought of everything! My dog will do ANYTHING for a bit of food. ANYTHING! But while she could get her nose into the holes she couldn’t get even a tiny piece of kibble. She actually gave up and walked away! Not only are the plastic awning guards an incredible addition, but the sticky tabs make it that my dog could work all day to get her face in there any never get a bite of food! Absolutely amazing! I seriously am sending all my cat owner friends with dogs a link to this! – Jacqui

Price: $34.99

10. When placed in your dog’s water bowl, these dog rocks neutralize impurities that cause grass to turn yellow or brown from urine.

Review: For years I used Top Paw Lawn Saver Biscuits, and it worked ‘okay’…better than nothing. Over the years I noticed my dog’s were throwing up at least once a week. I read up on the biscuits and found that they change the dogs’ Ph, and that’s what was making them sick. On top of that, my lawn still died off in huge patches, which I had to seed every year to fix. I came across the ‘Dog Rocks’, and scoffed thinking what moron would put rocks in a water bowl and expect it to work…this moron, that’s who lol. I tried it for a few months, and my lawn started healing itself, and my dogs stopped throwing up. My lawn has never looked this good. I got three very large dogs who pee on that lawn constantly, so whatever its doing, its doing well. The price is a bit steep, but its better than the alternative in more than one way. Until someone can prove that the rocks are just a common type of rock, I’ll be a subscriber for as long as I have dogs, i.e for life. – Michael

Price: $15.21

11. This innovative dog toy that’s a hit with active dogs is actually two toys that work together to keep your dog entertained for hours.

Review: This toy really works. It uses 6 AAA batteries, but the two balls pair up and work as intended – as soon as the dog has one, the other one starts to squeak. He runs to the one that is squeaking and then the first one starts again. He goes nuts. He does have a tendency to put them close together to keep an eye on both of them, but I foil those attempts by kicking them in two different directions. Or hiding one in the couch. Or in another room. It’s a great toy for playing with your pet. – Verita

Price: $49.95

12. This compact water pump that turns any ordinary bowl of water into an automatic fountain with fresh, filtered water—it’s great for travel!

Review: Came across this little fountain one day and was surprised at how affordable it was and that it could be placed into any bowl. If had many different pet bowls before, that all worked pretty great but were a pain to clean with nooks and crannies and so many parts to assemble and disassemble and out of sheer laziness and frustration never got cleaned as much as they should’ve. I tried using the Suction pumps from those old ones in a bowl but the stream wasn’t controlled and therefor made a mess. THIS WAS EXACTLY WHAT I’D BEEN LOOKING FOR! It is SO easy to take apart and clean and reassemble. I have three cats and a dog and a large stainless steel bowl and it sticks easily to the bottom and I got pop it out to give fresh water and cleaning the fountain itself isn’t a pain. The only problem we’ve ever had is occasionally the he motor stops working when the calcium builds up inside because we have hard water, but a soak in vinegar and a scrub using a pipe cleaner brush or nipper brush (not used on the baby stuff just the animals) does the trick with clearing out the gunk and it works like new. Very happy with this fountain and the ability to use whatever bowl I like. The only thing I could wish for is the ability for a high stream like the stainless steel 360 my pets loved so much but then I’m just being greedy! Get this now! – Daryl S.

Price: $21.00

13. These natural, safe, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, extra-large, pH balanced, fragrance free, and most of all effective cleansing wipes made especially for pets to wipe away dirt and dander and keep those puppies clean!

Review: So I purchased these after my dog kept tracking mud into the house after playing outside. These wipes worked wonders! After meeting him at the door and cleaning off his paws, I have nothing to worry about! They smell great and do no harm to the dog, they actually seem to enjoy it better than baths! I also use them to wipe off his face and belly because sometimes they can get dirty pretty quickly. These really also are a quick solution to a bath if you are unable to do it immediately. I would highly recommend! – H. Rowley

Price: $5.95

14. This portable clamp-on grooming arm and loop that instantly turns any table or countertop into a secure at-home grooming station.

Review: Because of Covid-19, I’ve had to take on many new roles. I’m not proud of my new role of groomer… it was a disaster! If anyone asks, I’m claiming my 7 year old cut my dog’s hair. With that being said, this grooming arm was worth its weight in gold when it came to keeping my miniature schnauzer contained and compliant for her “grooming”. After this experience, I’m doubling my groomer’s tip the next time she grooms my pup. – Lyndee

Price: $39.96

15. This rubber broom that attracts pet hair like a magnet to easily remove fur from carpets, rugs, hardwood, and linoleum like regular brooms can never do with a squeegee edge to easily wipe up spills, too.

Review: I bought this broom 2 years ago and it is still going strong! I have 4 large breed dogs and we have fur – EVERYWHERE! This works so so good! I came back and purchased one for my neighbor and sent one to my favorite pet rescue down south. I am always amazed at what this picks up even after I just ran the vacuum. If you remove the head from the handle you can use the head to do in all the crevices along baseboards where fur gets trapped on the carpets. I also use it that way to do the carpet corners on the stairs. Lastly I use it to get dust and cobwebs off the floors and ceilings. It truly is a super tool. – Roseann

Price: $12.98

16. These delicious dental chews for dogs that clean teeth and freshen breath while also improving skin, coat, hip, and joint health—that your dog thinks is just a tasty treat.

Review: My Golden Retriever loves this dental stick. She was all too eager to help me open the bag, but then again she’s a Golden that loves most all foods (except veggies like carrots that would be a good natural crunchy chew – hence the desire to try these). When I gave her the Smartmouth dental chew, she trotted off and was quite pleased with it. It took her about 6 minutes of gnawing at the chew to finish it (record length of time for her and much better than Greenies and Fresh Kisses!) and I could really see her working it on her teeth.

After a few weeks, I can see that her teeth are cleaner. This is a dog that eats pine cones, leaves, etc. so her teeth can get pretty dirty with random things stuck in the grooves and I am always checking in her mouth so I had a good baseline to measure against. I was happy to see whiter teeth and fewer things stuck to her teeth. Her breath is also better – again she eats questionable things so this is a major plus to Smartmouth!

What I was surprised to see what that her coat indeed got softer and shinier. We even got a few nice comments from co-workers asking what I was doing to get her coat so soft. She has that course hair on her top line and it smoothed out a bit while her down-like undercoat got much softer. Due to her long crinkly hair, she also gets a daily brushing and it got easier to brush her after about a week and so far it’s still getting even better – shortens the brushing time too -super bonus!

She is a young dog so I haven’t seen the joint benefits but since her breed is known for joint issues, I am glad to know this dental chew can help support her joint health, especially since she is so active – I really want to protect those joints as much as I can.

Overall, I really like this product. I was tired of the junk ingredients in other dental chews (seriously read those ingredients – half of them don’t seem like things dogs should ingest every day – making a product green in color doesn’t make it healthy!) and this product is not only a much better dental chew, it’s much better for my dog’s overall health – makes me feel much better that I am doing more for her, plus she loves it so win-win. – Amazon Customer

Price: $18.99

17. This slow-feeder lick mat that reduces anxiety, eases boredom, and is an easy way to keep your dog still (and happy) during baths, nail trims, grooming, or vet visits.

Reviews: Fab item I smear it with paste or cheese spread and stick it to the French door window and she let’s me brush her coat while she licks away. Wouldn’t leave it after paste has gone though as she would eat it too but that’s just my hell hound! – Littleme

With the recent rain, the constant cleaning of the paws was becoming a stressful time but this, with peamutt butter, stuck to the cupboard door, was a welcome distraction. – J. Smith

Price: $15.99

18. This LED glow-in-the-dark dog leash that makes it easy to be seen during nighttime walks with your best friend.

Review: I have this leash in pink and green. Both my dogs are 90pounds. We walk in the morning. THIS LEASH IS WONDERFUL!!! Easy to carry, works great, and you can be seen in the dark. I have used this leash for over a year and LOVE IT! The batteries have not had to be replaced. Also, I have dropped it several times and it does not break. Great product!! – Kris D.

It is incredible because of the amount of light that it emits! I also love that it can be used without the light for the daytime AND it can be turned onto ‘blinking’ as an added precaution when used in a crosswalk!! I get stopped at least twice a day from other dog walkers asking where they can purchase one! I chose the blue color for my old boy and it is very bright! I also love that it is flexible so that I can easily stuff it in my pocket. BEST PURCHASE THAT I HAVE MADE FOR WALKING MY PUPPIES!!!! – Mocha’s Mommy

Price: $22.85

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