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200 Dogs Help Celebrate A Man’s 100th Birthday In California

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What’s a better way to celebrate your 100th birthday than with a surprise dog parade? That’s exactly how Dr. Robert Moore from San Jose, California celebrated the centenary of his birth on Saturday, June 17.

Moore’s family arranged a surprise dog parade for their dad’s 100th birthday. According to NBC Bay Area, the family used the Nextdoor app to invite neighbors, ask them to dress up their four-legged friends, and parade them in front of their house for the celebration.

Dr. Robert Moore, who is a retired San Jose State University dean, is often referred by family and friends as a “dog whisperer” due to his undying love for dogs.

Talking to NBC Bay Area, Alison Moore, Dr. Robert Moore’s daughters, said she was expecting around 20 to 30 dogs to show up. Instead, around 200 dogs and their owners came by to wish her dad a happy birthday.

Dogs from all shapes and sizes came and dressed for the occasion. Some were seen wearing tuxedos, cowboy hats, and dresses. Some even arrived in style in their classic cars!

And as a testament to his “dog whisperer” moniker, Dr. Moore pet every single dog that came and was able to name all of the canines’ breeds that came!

Alison Moore said his father was beyond happy with the celebration. “It’s hard to explain how special it was. He really felt the birthday love,” Moore revealed. “They were mostly strangers. And… it just made you feel wonderful about your community, that people would come out and do that for your dad who you love so much. It was really special.”

Vickie Mallon, Dr. Moore’s other daughter, said, “This is probably the biggest thing that’s happened in our family that’s given us the most joy.”

Many guests, even though they didn’t personally know Dr. Moore, still brought gifts for the 100-year-old dog lover. There were cupcakes, flowers, balloons, posters, and drawings, too!

The Moore family said they were definitely touched by how the community came together to make their dad’s 100th birthday celebration unforgettable.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Alison Moore

    Alison Moore


    My dad and family loved the dog parade ! Many thanks to our great San Jose community ! Thanks for posting !

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