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21 Signs That Your Dog Wears the Pants in the Family

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We all love our dogs. They are, after all, a part of the family! But, for some of us that love tends to be a little on the, shall we say, obsessive side.

If more than a few of these signs hold true for you, there’s a pretty good chance your dog actually wears the pants in the family – and that’s totally cool with us! (Our dogs wear the pants, too!)

Dog Wears The Pants

1. You sneak into the garage to open snacks because you can’t resist those puppy dog eyes.

2. You sleep on the edge of your king-sized bed while your dog spreads out over the rest.

3. She has a bigger collection of sweaters than you do.

4. You turn down an invitation to go out on a Friday night because you’d rather stay home and watch a movie with your dog.

5. He only eats healthy, natural premium food and treats (while you just grab fast food for yourself). Sometimes you even make your own dog treats! (Here are 3 grrr-eat recipes he’ll love!)

6. If he’s sleeping on your lap, you don’t dare wake him – even if your legs are asleep and your bladder is full. Your dog’s comfort is more important to you than your own.

Dog Wears The Pants

7. You’re planning to install a security camera just so you can check in on him while you’re away. Or while you’re in the other room.

8. You sing to your dog and replace words with his name. (I love you, Fluffy, and if it’s quite alright, I need you, Fluffy, to warm a lonely night, oh pretty, Fluffy, trust in me when I say….)

9. If someone doesn’t like your dog, you automatically don’t like them. (There must be something fundamentally wrong with a person that can’t see just how amazing your dog really is.)

10. You picked out your current vehicle with your dog in mind.

11. Your dog gets her very own elaborate birthday party every year. And you have a thousand photos of her wearing a party hat to prove it.

Dog Wears The Pants

12. Your dog has more toys than the rest of your family combined. (But he can always use just one more…)

13. You wouldn’t dare have a family portrait done without including the dog. It just wouldn’t be a family portrait without the most important member of the family, would it?

14. You have a photo of your dog as your cell phone background. (And you get excited when someone calls because his face lights up the screen.)

15. Dog hair is just something you’ve learned to live with… everywhere.

16. When you leave the house, you play music or videos made especially for dogs to keep him entertained.

17. The sound of your dog snoring is more soothing than any sound machine could ever be.

18. When you come home at the end of the day, you’re more excited to see your dog than anyone else.

19. You spend more on grooming products for your dog than you do for yourself.

20. You’ve actually shopped for poop bags and know which ones work the best.

21. Your dog is your very best friend and you couldn’t possibly imagine life without him.

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