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3 Easy Ways to Meet Your Neighbors (With Help From Your Dog) Plus Printable Playdate Invites

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Have you recently moved (or plan to move) to a new neighborhood? Meeting new people can sometimes be challenging, especially in a new town. Fortunately, our fur buddies are great matchmakers. Many people realize that some of their closest friends are people they’ve met through their dogs! 

Whether you’re unsure how to start a conversation or simply an introvert, our dogs are more than happy to make new friends. Here are three easy ways to meet your neighbors with help from the pups!  


1. Ask for Advice

Excuse me, do you know of a dog park in the area? 

Hi there! I saw you have a dog! Do you have any recommendations of local pet groomers?

If you’re new to the neighborhood, these are great starter questions for dog owners. Keep an eye out for neighbors while walking your dog and swing by!

2. Volunteer in Your Community

There are plenty of ways to get involved locally, especially if you love dogs! You can open your home to foster a dog until they find a permanent home (neighbors may be interested in adopting!). You can also volunteer to walk shelter dogs to give their staff an extra hand. Neighbors walking their dogs nearby may notice you have more furry friends and express interest in helping.

3. Join the Kids at the Bus Stop  

Another fun idea, if you have children, is to take your puppy to the bus stop. Sometimes kids need a little motivation to get up early in the morning for school. Imagine the look on their faces when they see an adorable puppy at the bus stop! While the kids play with your pup, you can strike up a conversation with other parents there (who may also have a dog at home!).

The next step after any of the above scenarios is to set up a playdate for the pups. What better way than with these cute pet playdate invitations

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Take these with you the next time you see your neighbor out with their dog. Cheers to new friendships! 
You can download the pet playdate invitations here. Enjoy!

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