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3 Reasons All Dog Owners Need A Home Security Camera

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Do you wonder what your pets are up to while you’re away? Are you a concerned dog parent who worries that your sick or elderly pets are safe when you’re not at home? Do you wish you had the ability to look in on your pups while they’re being cared for by friends, family or pet sitters?

Security Camera

Home security camera systems are no longer a luxury item for the well-to-do or a frivolous gadget for crazy pet parents to look in on their sleeping dogs while they’re away at the office. And, gone are the days of hiring an expensive installation and service to keep an eye on your home. In fact, many home surveillance cameras feature “plug and play” setup, are totally affordable, are convenient enough for even the busiest of pet parents to use, and offer a sense of security and peace of mind at any time using your home’s wireless network and the smartphone already in your pocket.

With that in mind, here are 3 reasons every pet parent should have a security camera in their home.

1. Peace of Mind When You’re Away

As much as we would all prefer to be with our dogs 24/7, there are times when we have to leave them home alone or under the care of a pet sitter. Are you using a pet-sitting service and want to be sure they’re taking proper care of your pets by providing food, water, medications, and the walks and playtime that you’re hiring them for?

Do you have a sick or elderly dog that you’d simply like to check in on throughout the day? Do you have multiple pets all trying to blame one another for the torn up pillows or baseboards and want to see, once and for all, who’s guilty?

With a home security camera, you’ll have the ability to quickly and easily check in on your home and your pets on your computer, smartphone, or tablet – from anywhere in the world! Set up multiple cameras throughout your home to monitor every room in the house and even your front and back yards. Don’t worry if you aren’t watching your video stream live when and if something happens, nearly all surveillance cameras record video for you to watch back at a later time, too. And, don’t worry about losing sight of your fur-family at night – many also feature built-in night-vision! 

For even more peace of mind, some cameras feature real-time temperature monitoring and will send an alert to your phone if temperatures inside the home reach too high or too low levels. 

Security Camera

2. To Reduce Separation Anxiety (For Both Your Pets & For You!)

How many times throughout the day do we dog lovers think about our furkids at home, wonder what they’re up to, and wish we could just pop in and let them know we love them? With a WiFi-enabled security camera and remote monitoring, it’s easy!

But just viewing your dog on a little screen, though rewarding, isn’t always enough. Luckily, many of today’s selection of cameras feature a two-way speaker and microphone making it possible to both talk to and listen to your pups, whether you’re across the street or across the world. Say hello to your dog or, if you’ve caught him in the act, tell him to get his paws off the kitchen counter!

Some, like the Petzi Remote Treat Camera and the PetChatz Camera allow you to look in on your pets, talk to them (or sing to them, we won’t judge!), and then reward good behavior by remotely dispensing a treat via your smartphone!

3. To Save on Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums

Many homeowner’s insurance providers offer discounts to those that install or use devices that lower the risk of damage to your home, including deadbolt locks, taking precautions against burglary, and using surveillance or security cameras! Check with your insurance company to see if installing cameras in your home will actually save you money in addition to providing peace of mind.

No matter your lifestyle, your unique needs, or your budget, there’s a home surveillance camera that’s a perfect fit. So, whether you just want to peek in on your adorable dog, check to make sure he’s not getting into trouble, or even want to toss a treat and say “hello!” we’ve scoured the market to bring you the Best Pet Cameras for Dogs!

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